World Language Day

Multi-language speaker’s competitions at UNC

By Jaclyn Schrock

Did you remember to use another language besides English on Wednesday, April 18th, World Language Day? Gilpin County students surely practice this art. Our Gilpin County School was well represented, once again sponsored by Ms. Su Henry, in Greeley as Spanish speaking participants in this multi-language speaker’s competitions. Su Henry has been the Spanish teacher at Gilpin County School since 2009. 2018 is the 49th year University of Northern Colorado has hosted World Language Day with a variety of competitions in: Spanish, French, and German traditionally, yet also, now using Chinese, Japanese and ASL (American Sign Language). There are about 40 schools from Colorado and southern Wyoming who gather for the fun, and that equals approximately 1,000 students and teachers.

Gilpin Students who stepped up to the competencia included:

Spanish 1: Who Am I? 8th grader Haley Stundon gave a 1 minute speech about herself in Spanish and she won a third place trophy.

All the others did an excellent job! This is the list of Gilpin County School competitors in WLD:

Spanish 1 – Heritage Speaker: Who Am I?  Stephen King gave a 1 minute speech about himself in Spanish.

Spanish 1 and 2: Dramatic Cultural Entertainment.

Gilpin students performed a 10-minute play in Spanish called Ñucu el gusano (Ñucu The Worm), a Pre-Colombian legend from the region of Bolivia about how a worm saves the people of the world and becomes the Milky Way.


Nicole Adams (The Worm), Stephen King (La Viejita), Bailey Hobson-Kroll, Ashley Parkhurst, Samantha Smith, Lena Warren, Jessica Wilhelm, Drake Hylton, and Shane Wu.


Blake Boulter, Emma Hanssen, Sam Kniffen, Nolan Lindberg, Katelyn Armstrong, Julian Cortez, Destaney Garcia, and Haley Stundon.

Spanish 3: Chris Burtschi and Austin Boulter created and presented at competition an original skit of less than 5 minutes about “sticky football gloves” that can catch anything. (They don’t work – it’s pretty funny.)

Art Competition: Emma Hanssen painted a picture of a Spanish dancer that she entered in the competition.

Soccer competition: Dallas LeBeau was our one soccer participant. Each school is allowed to enter one soccer player.

Food Tasting: Destaney Garcia created a Hispanic dish, empanadas con manzanas (empanadas with apples) that she submitted for the judges. This was just a participation event. There were no awards.

Interested in learning more about World Language Day? This link can help you find more information

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