What does it mean to hit rock bottom?

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By Dr. Mike Brooks

I want you to think back over the years. How many times have you hit rock bottom and how did you get there? At some point in our lives we will be at the bottom of life looking up. What did you learn while free falling to that point in your life?

Rock bottom should be a learning lesson for all of us who have survived that bad time in our lives. Not everyone survives the fall. Many will die from broken hearts due to the loss of a loved one, by divorce or separation, from drug and alcohol abuse, or loss of a job. Let’s just say there are many reasons why some people don’t survive, while others do.

On the other hand, there are those of us who have hit rock bottom and begin to realize we have been given a second opportunity in life. It’s what we do with that opportunity that defines us. I hear stories of people who have had horrible situations happen in their lives. The death of loved ones, the loss of jobs due to heath issues, the loss of homes due the bad economy, etc. Yet through the ashes of despair there are many success stories that encourage me. I want to share with you my game plan so that if you hit the bottom there are critical steps you must follow to come out ahead and regain control of your life.

I can remember when I was in the prime of life and everything was going my way. Life was good, family was good, my heath was great, and my outlook on life was bright as could be. I had the world by the tail. I had no complaints whatsoever.

I woke up one morning ready for the day and I called Dave, the manager of a fitness center that I was a part owner of and scheduled a business lunch with him. I had a full day ahead of me with my patients and was looking forward to sitting down with Dave and seeing how the center was doing. As we talked over lunch, he assured me the center was doing very well financially. I was on cloud nine after we left that meeting.

I went back to the clinic and started seeing my afternoon patients. Near the end of my patient schedule I started to get achy muscles in my legs and low back. I thought that maybe I was coming down with something. I left the office and started walking across the street to my car. Check in next week for part two of “what it means to hit rock bottom.”

Do you struggle with not knowing what to do when confronted by life’s difficulties? Are you afraid to move forward because your past mistakes keep holding you back? Do you want help in deciding your next steps to get out from rock bottom? If you answered yes to any of these questions then give me a call.

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