Welder Up – who are they?  

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By Aaron Storms

Being an automotive enthusiast who appreciates all different types of vehicles, I’ve been fascinated by the low, mean, and fast “rat rod” builds seen locally, in Hot Rod Magazine, on TV, and online. However, some are just unsafe creations welded together that would probably kill you on the highway. The good thing is that there are some really creative rat rods being built that are not only cool, but they’re fast and well-built, so safe to drive too. One of these shops is Welder Up. From the builds I’ve seen, they seem to focus on unique turbo-diesel builds that are loud, low, and fast, but they’ve also done some pretty slick-finished rides with a lowered 60’s Lincoln with suicide doors.

Welder Up is not your average car customization shop. Steve Darnell is the creative mastermind behind the motorized works of art that emerge from the Welder Up shop. Las Vegas is the perfect setting to inspire Steve to design the one-of-kind rat rods only he can create. Give Steve a theme for your build, and his imagination, creative materials, and careful attention to detail will bring your vision to life.

Steve’s incredible talent and mind-blowing creativity have caused a frenzy in the car world, landing Welder Up in the hit TV show Vegas Rat Rods now airing on the Discovery Channel. Vegas Rat Rods features the creation and execution of Steve’s unique hot rods from start to finish.

Want to get up close and personal with Steve’s Mad-Max–style creations? Experience Steve’s distinctive brand of rat-rod culture first hand by visiting the New Welder Up showroom and store in Vegas. Inside, Steve has created the perfect setting to showcase his personal collection of rat rods as well as a few of the builds featured on Vegas Rat Rods.

Steve’s masterpieces have been featured in national publications, including Hot Rod Magazine, Diesel Power Magazine, Diesel World Magazine, Diesel Tech Magazine, Rat Rod Magazine, Rebel Rodz Magazine, Ol’ Skool Rodz Magazine, Mopar Magazine, Cruzin Magazine, and Elan Magazine, as well as in numerous newspaper and Internet articles.

With this kind of inspiration, I’m thinking that my old 1960 Willys pickup might make a pretty good candidate, but with a cleaner-burning V8 gas motor on a full-size pickup frame, lowered, chopped, and maybe some go-fast goodies…

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