Welcoming more Gilpin School teachers!

Lucky to have them

By Esmee Halsted

Gilpin School certainly has good luck finding incredible teachers! Showcased in this article are even more new teachers, that are beyond excited to inspire and help students. Among them are Aracelia Knaus, Lucy Porpora, and Joseph Wuchter.Ari Knuas is teaching Montessori preschool, Lucy Pora teaches second grade, and Mr. Wuchter teaches high school and middle school science.

As a Chicago native, Wuchter attended school in a small suburb right outside the city. While staying in Illinois, he attended Eastern Illinois University and he received his bachelors in Biology and Secondary Education. With higher aspirations in mind, he moved to Tennessee where he taught at Peabody High School and worked on his master degree. He chose Gilpin School because of the wonderful memories he has here. Witcher explains his fondness for Gilpin when he says “…my father and uncle brought us skiing and snowboarding in Gilpin when we were younger, which helped create my obsession with the Rocky Mountains.” The amazing views are not the only reason he choose to teach in this beautiful community. He also “chose Gilpin County because it seemed like a wonderful environment to teach in based on size and community structure…” He enjoys making a positive impact on the world which the Gilpin community looks forward to seeing at Gilpin School.

Lucy Porpora grew up in Florida. Her hometown was a brand new development. Porpora describes it when she says “It was the kind of neighborhood where everyone sat out in their front yards in the evening and visited.” She attended Florida Atlantic University where she got her bachelor’s degree, and later she got her masters at Graceland University in Ohio. Following that, she had kids which inspired her to teach. “I decided to become a teacher after volunteering in my children’s classroom. I enjoyed working with children and watching them learn,” she explains. After vacationing here for 20 years, she finally moved here with her husband last year. An avid reader, she reads 1-2 books a week. Her favorite book is “Joy in the Morning” by Betty Smith. “I have probably read it 20 times. It provides great inspiration when you think things are not going well in life.”

Gilpin schools are so blessed to have all these qualified team members. From elementary to high school, they are sure to help students reach their full potential.  The staff, students, and families  look forward to many more years with Aracelia Knaus, Lucy Porpora, and Joseph Wuchter as well as Jacob Benson, Peggy Pine, Chlore Devore, and Marrissa Benke who were introduced in a previous edition of the Weekly Register-Call.

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