Want to have some doggie fun and support a great cause?

Tails on Trails with Canine Partners of the Rockies

By Jaclyn Schrock

Canine Partners of the Rockies (CPRockies) offers suggestions and encourages you to selector or even create your own doggie fun this August. Tails on Trails 2020 offers suggested doggie activities to do with your own dog, or one of their virtual dogs.

Beginning on Colorado Day August 1, 2020 you may want to take your favorite tail-wagger on a Colorado trail to celebrate 144 years of being a state in the USA.

–Aug 2 begins the International Assist Dog Week.

–Aug 2 is Dog Days of Summer

–Aug 3rd is Doggie Drive-by Day

–Aug 4th Be a Service Dog/ Assist Dog Awareness Day

–Aug 5th Work Like a Dog Day

–Aug 6th Help a Dog Owner Day

–Aug 7th Doggie Bag Friday

–Aug 8th Fun with Fido Day

–Aug 9th First Annual Colorado Dog Day, take a sunrise or sunset walk with your dog

Tails on Trails is an opportunity for dog owners and folks without dogs to participate in doggie fun and share relationships with others to bring awareness and raise funds for the non-profit Canine Partners of the Rockies, based in Aurora.

Registering with Tails on Trails benefits Canine Partners of the Rockies with a $25 donation. If you don’t have a dog to take on a trail or you can’t go on a trail yourself, a virtual dog may be adopted for the cause to share in the 9 day Tails on Trails 2020 adventures.

The first 200 registered dog partners for Tails on Trails will be given a reversible bandana for a dog or person. Each registration also gets seven other gifts.

More information is available at www.caninepartnersoftherockies.org. There is a link there to www.tailsontrails.org/schedule

Tails on Trails 2020 offers 9 days of themed daily events that individuals, families, dog packs or businesses with or without a dog can do in their home, back yard, community or on the trails. These activities are free and simply encourage dog friendly fun with other people, without registering. However, with the registration you can also access from the schedule and themed adventures Daily Good Dog Deeds and Daily Doggie Adventures Challenges.

Central City featured in adventures with virtual dog, Breckenridge

Central City had one real dog preparing for the virtual tour of historic places in Colorado. Folks who wish to take a dog awareness adventure with Tails on Trails and for those registered with Canine Partners of the Rockies Tails on Trails 2020, may select a virtual dog to complete some of the activities together.

Breckenridge is a large white dog, only seven months old, learning to be a service dog. He came to Central City this past Sunday to take photos as a virtual dog for Tails on Trails. His puppy training family brought him to historic Central City.

Breckenridge came to Central City with his mentor Pilon (named for a professor at Colorado State University) who has been in service four years with an autistic grandchild of this puppy training family. Breckenridge has two sibling litter mates, Frisco and Vail who are also currently in puppy training in Colorado.

  Canine Partners of the Rockies has been supporting assist dogs in Colorado for 18 years. CPRockies is exclusive to Colorado. All their service dogs are raised, trained and placed as assist dogs with Colorado partners in need of an extra paw. It can cost $60,000 to prepare and follow for the life of each dog. 100% of the dogs placed as partners are successful in that partnership for the rest of the dog’s life.

CPRockies names each of their dogs for people and places in Colorado. The dogs are all raised in Colorado from puppies, by puppy trainers to become service dogs. Puppy training can take between 18 and 24 months.

Once a dog is matched to an individual with unique needs, approximately 6 months of advanced training prepares them for the specific services their new partner needs them to complete.

You find the most interesting characters walking the Central City streets this summer!

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