Victorian Holiday Festival in Central City

21st Annual Tommyknocker Bazaar

By David Josselyn

Ho, ho, ho, the goose is getting fat, please to put a penny in the old vendor’s hat. The twenty-first annual Tommyknocker Bazaar was held in the Teller House on December 1st and 2nd which featured scores of local vendors offering timely goods for holiday giving. Stepping into the Teller House is like you traversed to another dimension in which the Victorian Era blends with the modern.Many of the vendors were attired in Victorian garb and Father Christmas was in attendance taking Christmas wishes and spreading cheer, fitting right in with the look and feel of the Teller House ambiance. A horse-drawn carriage traveled the cobbled (and paved) streets of Central to the delight of smiling children and amorous adults. The scents of smoked meats and spiced cider wafted through the halls and money exchanged hands for goods. Unique crafts, art, foods, decorations, and books could be found; from steam-punk lamps to hand-carved wooden clocks.

The Bazaar is just one piece of a favorite holiday tradition for locals that is the Tommyknocker Holiday which includes a children’s parade, tree decorating, tree lighting ceremony, community pot-luck, caroling, entertainment by the Peak to Peak Chorale, and a two-day shopping bazaar. Organizers Shirley Voorhies and Barbara Thielemann have a lot of help putting it together. Voorhies exclaims, “This is a close-knit community!” She can call on several people that will happily volunteer their time to serve the community and she can count on them every year. Hundreds of people visit the Bazaar for those unique holiday items, but if you were not among them, fear not! There will be another chance in December 2019.

Ugly Sweater Contest

The Ugly Sweater Contest held at Community pot luck on Friday was won by John Moravez (1st); Mary Sagona (2nd); and Mike Plante (3rd).

Gingerbread House Contest

The Gingerbread contest was won by Kyla Nand and Lindsay Gianola.

Victorian Costume Contest

The Victorian Costume winners were:

–Best Couple, Vicki & Craig Barringer (1st); Teree & Julian Gothard (2); Jaclyn & Jonas Schrock (3rd).

–Best Gentleman, Chuck Roberts

–Most authentic Victorian Lady, Nicoleta Nagel

–Best Proper Lady, Brittany Angle and Susan Jeasonne-Hadden (tie)

Children’s Coloring Contest

The Children’s Coloring Contest winners were:

–Age 5; Finley Gregg (1st); Maddox Duthan (2nd); Hugh Brewer (3rd)

–Age 6; Auria Gallegos (1st); Vienn Vaughn (2nd); Addyson Myhre (3rd)

–Age 7:  Caitlyn Ganz, (1st); Ella Davidson (2nd); Quinn Sill (3rd)

–Age 9: Kyla Nand (1st); Amelia Bushy (2nd); Eve Maltin (3rd)

–Ages 11 & 12:  Kylah Gone (1st); Gracie Murphy (2nd); Aubrey Allen (3rd)

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