US Senator Cory Gardner tours Black Hawk trail system

Senator’s Visit Highlights Development of Black Hawk’s 600-Acre Maryland Mountain Recreational Park  

PRESS RELEASE – The City of Black Hawk was pleased to host Colorado Senator Cory Gardner on August 28th for a tour of the City’s Maryland Mountain Recreational Park, a new mountain trail development situated in the beautiful hills and valleys above the City. Mayor David D. Spellman and members of the City’s staff highlighted the development of what will be one of most unique trail systems in the State of Colorado.

The Maryland Mountain Recreational Park will feature trails of various skill levels and allow visitors to hike or bike through an area filled with historical reminders of Colorado’s gold rush days. The trail system creates opportunities for passive outdoor recreation and heritage tourism while giving hikers, mountain bikers and nature and history lovers an incredible chance to see historic venues at the epicenter of Colorado’s Gold Rush. Some trails will include portions of the railroad bed from the historic Gilpin Tramway (which was the only two-foot narrow-gauge railroad in Colorado in the 1800s). Completion of the first phase of the park is projected mid-2020 and will promote outdoor recreation and heritage tourism, contributing to the overall economy in Gilpin County and Colorado. However, the 600-acre Maryland Mountain Recreational Park won’t be complete for several years.

The City continues its focus on developing cooperative relationships with Local, State and Federal agencies needed to complete the project. Senator Gardner’s visit underscores the City’s work with the Bureau of Land Management to acquire several small parcels of underutilized BLM land within the mountain park project area.

“We were proud and delighted to welcome Senator Gardner to Black Hawk and appreciative of the time he took to tour the Maryland Mountain Recreational Park,” said Mayor Spellman, “We also applaud the Senator’s ongoing commitment to work with the BLM and local governments on the Bureau’s land holdings in Colorado and other western states.”

The potential acquisition of the BLM land will create additional opportunities for public access to this unique area. Senator Gardner’s visit comes as the City begins construction of the Maryland Mountain Park trailhead, which will span Highway 119 and tie into the historic Gilpin Tramway rail bed.

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