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30 years ago – September 16, 1983

The old and crumbling walls of the Stroehle building in Black Hawk helped slow a runaway pick-up before it crashed into the Bull Durham building Tuesday. The south wall of the Stroehle building gave way completely where the truck went through, leaving about a twenty foot section of the old building walls on the ground outside the building.

Colorado state legislators are going to balance their budget right on the backs of the counties. That is the opinion of Gilpin County Commissioner Van Cullar who has been studying the state budget crunch as it may affect counties.

Gilpin County is not going to have a Sales & Use tax. The proposal for the one percent tax went to the voters Tuesday and was defeated by a margin of 33 votes.

Central City Council approved a motion Wednesday evening, September 7, giving Mayor William C. Russell Jr. the power to enter into negotiations with Pridemore Construction to improve and renovate the Dorothy Lee Placer Park.

There is a new emergency disaster coordinator in Gilpin County – none other than me, Fran Etzkorn. Most of you have seen me around, or at least have heard of me, so I am not really new in Gilpin. What can I say to get you more interested or excited about planning for our county if and when we have a disaster? We have had a few disasters in Gilpin County since I have lived here, like last Christmas with all the snow and again in March and April with the heavy snowfall.

Jody Col, the 15-year old son of Sue and Joe Cole, has been very successful as a bicycle motocross racer in Louisiana. Former Gilpin County residents, the Cole family moved to Lafayette, Louisiana, last February. Cole did not begin racing until he moved to Louisiana.

The Mountain Community Expo, an evening to celebrate the opening of the new addition to the Nederland Junior-Senior High School, drew a large crowd of students, parents, and teachers Tuesday night, September 13, for the ribbon cutting.

Deadman’s Curve south of Black Hawk was the site of three separate motorcycle accidents which occurred in rapid succession Sunday afternoon. Englewood man Carl Borgstron, 35, Frank A. Silva Jr., 32, also of Englewood, and Jeffrey A. Weller, 28, of Witt all survived and were charged with careless driving.

Rusty Hardy was sworn in as the new Marshal of Black Hawk at a City Council meeting Tuesday night. Hardy replaces Sid Gent who resigned as Marshal last month.

At the present time, if a person in Central City wishes to paint his building, he must get color approval from the Historic Preservation Committee before he begins. That can entail a long wait, since the committee meets only once a month. In an effort to speed up the process and create fewer problems for residents and businessmen, the committee hopes to change the process so that any three members of the committee can meet and grant approval.

In other action, a certificate of appropriateness was issued for construction of a new church building next to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

James Dean Aldritch, 19, of Sedalia, Missouri, who was living in Central City this past summer, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault on a minor in District Court on September 9. Judge Winson W. Wolvington gave Aldrich a two-year deferred judgment and sentencing, stipulating that Aldrich avoid all contact with the victims and their families and undergo mental counseling.

Pvt. Dusty R. Worthington, nephew of Diana J. and Delmar D. Smith of Gilpin County, has completed basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

60 years ago – September 11, 1953

BALTIMORE – Francis Scott Key’s original manuscript of the “Star Spangled Banner” has been purchased by the Maryland Historical Society for $26, 400.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. – A group of prominent scientists has discovered that clams are sensitive to water temperature, amount of salt in the water, tide-fall and tidal currents, air temperature, moon phases, barometric pressure, and rainfall. They also found out that a clam farm would need to be fenced. To begin with clam farming would be a red-ink operation, they concluded, but after the major problems were solved it would be just as practical and profitable as dairy farming.

The weird sound of the fire siren at 11:30 o’ clock Saturday night, aroused the townspeople, and the volunteer firemen hurried to the scene of the blaze, which was only a minor smudge at the Chain o’ Mines pump house and did very little damage.

OKLAHOMA CITY – If you are speeding in Oklahoma you need to look out for more than just patrol cars. Lt. Art Hamilton, a highway patrolman, catches speeders the easy way – from an airplane. Hamilton is the official pilot of the Oklahoma State Patrol’s light traffic plane. He radios information on traffic violations – such as passing on hills and curves – to ground units. Offended motorists were flabbergasted, to put it mildly.

CHICAGO – An article in Today’s Health, the American Medical Association publication, states that not having enough body fat is just as dangerous as having too much. Fatty tissue in the proper amounts is essential to the human body. About 10 to 15 per cent of the total body weight is considered a normal amount of body tissue.

90 years ago – September 14, 1923

Notwithstanding the great number of them being shot, statistics show married men live longer.

Improvement in the conditions of farmers and stock-growers in Colorado, which already is evident, will be more marked by spring, according to Representative Charles B. Timberlake, of Sterling, who returned from Washington this week.

The eclipse of the sun on Monday afternoon last was witnessed by nearly everyone in this section who could dig up a piece of glass and get it smoked over a candle. Weather conditions were perfect, not a cloud in the sky to obstruct this picture and the two planets were on hand at the proper moment.

The best way to make your coal last a long time is to keep it away from all heat.

A great Western Celebration in which the women from eleven Western States will participate is to be held by the National Woman’s Party in Colorado Springs on September 22 and 23 to commemorate the holding of the first Equal Rights Convention in the world, which met seventy-five years ago in Seneca Falls, New York.

Secretary of State, Carl S. Milliken has certified to the various district attorneys of the state, a list of corporations totaling in number 2,064, which have failed to file a report in the year 1923. Of this number 1,126 are of Denver County alone and the remaining 938 are of other counties.

Wednesday was the date set for bids for constructing the Moffat Tunnel and it was expected that at least a half-dozen would be tendered the commission, but instead, only one bid was filed with the tunnel officials, that of Uhlen and Company of New York, who offered to build the tube for $6,075,000.

An Oregon girl chewed forty-four sticks of gum at one time, and all our local Holsteins are envious of this wonderful record.

Seven United States Navy destroyers and the Pacific mail liner Cuba were wrecked a few nights ago after crashing on the rocks in a dense fog off Arguello Light, seventy-five miles north of Santa Barbara, CA. Twenty-five enlisted men of the destroyers lost their lives and all of the destroyers were reported as a total loss.

120 years ago – September 15, 1893

What might have been a serious catastrophe attended with the loss of several lives occurred at the Colorado Gold Mine on Midway Plaisance yesterday afternoon at 5 o’ clock. As the miners who work the night shift were being lowered, the rope attached to the cage which was lowering the seven miners down the 750 foot shaft snapped. Fortunately, the distance was but a short one, and there was nearly eight feet of water in the sump at the bottom of the shaft. After an hour’s delay, the mine was again running and open to the inspection of thousands of visitors.

If you intend to visit the “Greatest Show on Earth,” otherwise known as the World’s Fair, go now. The weather is delightful for traveling and sightseeing.

A Central City man boasts that he has not been fully sober since January 1, 1893.

Mr. Andrew Stevens, for the pool operating the ISM Lode, has quit sinking, and is driving a level west under Gregory Gulch at a depth of 120 feet. They have been troubled with foul air, but that fact will be remedied by a line of air pipe which will give better ventilation.

Mr. Gilmour of the Gregory Mining, Milling & Leasing Company informs the Register-Call that a cross-cut south to the Branch Lode has been driven 30 feet south from the 150 foot level below the tunnel and a drift driven east 30 feet. This vein is also being worked at the 4th and 5th levels below. The company is now running 60 stamps at the Bobtail Mill with ore from the Bobtail workings.

Mr. Grenfell, the agent of the Union Pacific Railroad at Black Hawk, informs us that the shipments of ore and tailings from that point to the smelters at Denver and elsewhere, for the month of August, aggregated 187 carloads, of 15 tons each, or over 2,800 tons. From these figures, the outside world can learn that mining in Gilpin County is in a very flourishing condition.

People all over central Illinois are devoutly praying for rain. No rain except light showers have fallen in this locality since May 27, now 106 days and this unprecedented drought has extended all over central Illinois.

Fire broke out in the Pullman Company’s lumber yard in the suburb of Pullman, and for several hours the great shops were threatened with destruction. Engines were sent from Hyde Park, South Chicago, and Chicago. After a hard fight the flames were subdued. About one-half of the company’s lumber yards have been destroyed.

The several fire companies comprising the Central Fire Department are requested to meet at headquarters on Thursday, September 21 at 1 o’ clock p.m. sharp, in full uniform, for the purpose of inspecting the hydrants of the city and department paraphernalia. Let every member be present.

Lightning struck a tree on the South Boulder the other day, and laid open a cavity filled with honey. But not a bee, dead or alive, was visible.

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