Trustees honor Dr. Elaine Schoelzel for contributions to Gilpin library

Annual Appreciation Barbeque

By Lynn Volkens

Members of the Gilpin County Public Library’s Board of Trustees hosted a barbeque on August 24, 2013. The Trustees hold the annual barbeque to show appreciation to the library staff and members of GCPL’s Friends of the Library.

The get-together was held at the north-Gilpin home of Trustee, Ann Wyss. About thirty people attended. All were treated to a potluck buffet of appetizers, entrée’s, side dishes, desserts and beverages. The socializing was lively and stopped only for a time of brief speeches and awards. Trustee Board chair, Betsy Beaver, thanked everybody whose work makes the library a success. Trustee, Virginia Unseld, offered several quotations in support of libraries, among them: “The public library is where place and possibility meet,” (Dybek); “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library,” (Borges); and “The library is the best thing to ever happen to Gilpin County,” (Eppelheimer).

This year the Trustees honored Gilpinite, Dr. Elaine Schoezel, a long-time library benefactor. They awarded her with two gifts “To honor you for all you’ve done to make Gilpin’s library a place we love,” said Unseld. The first gift was a 1915 edition of Vitality Supreme by Bernarr Macfadden. The book was a guide to health, however considering the time period in which it was written, and that Macfadden was known for his eccentricities, there are some advisements that should be taken with a grain of salt.  Prior to giving Schoelzel the book, Unseld commented “It’s said that artists don’t read, they just look at the pictures,” (Schoelzel is a painter).  Unseld said she’d placed book marks to guide Schoelzel to some of the interesting illustrations.

“Oh, my…oh, my,” was all Schoelzel could say as she pulled her next gift from the heavy brown wrapper. Schoelzel took in the large pen and ink depiction of the library, which had been commissioned from local artist George Blevins. Blevins had drawn the library from an angle focusing on the new wing.  Schoelzel had funded construction of that 1,000 square-foot addition, completed in 2009. Turning the picture so that all could see, Schoelzel announced “That’s a keeper!” and promised the drawing, professionally matted and framed by Unseld, would have a prominent place in her home.

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