Timberline plans to retain Chief Levy with new flex schedule

TFPD_RikHenrikson&ChipSmithAugust 17th Board Meeting

By Randy Beaudette

The Timberline Board of Directors called to order their regularly scheduled meeting August 17, 2016 promptly at 7:08 p.m. at Timberline Station 8, 4611 Smith Hill Road. The meeting was attended by Board President Charles (Chip) Smith, Vice-President Chris Samuelson, Secretary Cheryl Taylor, Treasurer Paul Ondr, and Member-at-Large Rik Henrikson. Also in attendance were Administrator Jennifer Hinderman and Fire Chief Glenn Levy.

President Smith led all in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance and then a moment of silence for fallen Firefighters and Police Officers.

Approval of Minutes

Timberline Fire Board approved the minutes from the July 18th Regular Board meeting and the July 19th Special Board meeting with grammatical and definitional corrections to each of the official minute documents.

Public Comment

John Carder expressed his approval of the plan for retaining Chief Levy in the district. (Details later in this report).

Terry from the Golden Gate Fire Department Auxiliary expressed her appreciation for the quick response to a fire on Guy Hill. She stated that she was relieved that Timberline was called for mutual aid to extinguish the wild land fire.

Treasurer’s Report

Paul Ondr reported that Timberline is 58.3 % through the year and spent 61.7% of the General Fund budget. “July was a fairly quiet month, no unusual spending,” Ondr continued, “Changes to the General, Capital, and Boulder Water Fund reports will make the balance sheet easier to read.” Ondr goes on to explain the specific changes. Overall Timberline has an end of July balance totaling $397,379 in the General including $457,161 reserves required by the BOD, $210,611 in the Capital fund and $16,832 in the Boulder Water Fund. The General fund and the Capital fund also reflected the transfer of funds for the sale of Tender 52 voted on by the Board in the July Special meeting.

Chief Report

Chief Levy presented an impromptu award to Rik Henrikson and Chip Smith. Rik’s award consisted of a framed picture of Rik emerging from the smoke at a fire scene. Levy also presented Chip Smith with a clock award for his dedication to Timberline Fire and the Timberline Board.

A vehicle donation was received from Chip Smith for training purposes and as Levy pointed out, “This is purely a donation to Timberline and there was no monetary gain to Chief Smith for this donation.”

In July Timberline had responded to record breaking 104 calls with and average response time of 7 minutes 46 seconds. Many of the calls were in very remote areas of the district. Yearly call total for 2016 is 395 as compared with 2015 call total of 288.

Timberline will be taking on 10 new firefighters in August. Three shift firefighters and seven who live in the district. Two will be in Station 3’s area, two in Station 8’s area, two in Station 2’s area, and one in Station 9’s area.

Chief Levy has already begun the implementation of Timberline’s facility repair and maintenance plan. Levy has approved painting contracts for Stations 2, 3, & 7 with more on the way and received one bid on repairing the Station 3 cistern as well as a parts list from one of our firefighters. Also Levy has been obtaining bids on repairing the gutters at stations 2, 3, 7, in concert with the painting.

The process for turning Station 2 into a resident station has been initiated with the cooperation with Chief Daruna. The plan is to have three Timberline bed spaces, two for residents and one for a shift firefighter.

Levy began the process for hiring the new Maintenance Tech. There are four candidates. Levy was hoping to hold the interviews the 16th, 17th or 18th of August and it will be a multi-part assessment center.

Lastly, the new Air-trailer has arrived and training will be take place after Labor Day in September.

Old Business

All the items under the Old Business heading have been accomplished. The Timberline Fire calendar will be available in 2017. Tender 52 proceeds have been transferred into the General Fund, and the resolution to maintain reserves in the General Fund.

New Business

A plan to retain Chief Levy has been added to the New Business. The plan outlined will be a “Flex Schedule.” Explained as the Chief will be in 24 hour residence in the district six days, then will be out of district six days, telecommuting three of those days. The seventh day will be travel days. The plan is to reduce the Chief’s salary to 80% due to the reduced resident time and travel will be paid by Levy. This will allow Timberline to retain our exceptional Chief and will also allow the Chief to spend more time with his family as noted in the retirement request application. When the plan is implemented, Levy will rescind his application for retirement. After much discussion, Timberline Board approved the Flex Schedule for a minimum six months with evaluations occurring every two months. The Board has vowed to continue the hiring process for a new Chief in the event the flex schedule does not work out.

Timberline Board of Directors then adjourned around 8:30 p.m.

Next Meeting

The next Timberline Board Meeting will be September 13, 2016 at Station 7, 14908 Colorado Highway 119. starting at 7:00 p.m.





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