Timberline Board reviews construction bids

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Stations 7 and 8 Construction and Repairs

By Patty Unruh

The Timberline Fire Protection District Board met at 8:30 a.m. on October 29, 2013 in a special meeting held at Station 3, 660 Highway 46. Fire Chief Chris Jennings, Board members Rick Wenzel, Jim Crawford, Paul Ondr, and Kay Johnston, and Business Manager Jennifer Hinderman were present. Member Chris Samuelson was absent.

Construction on Station 8

The Board discussed proposed concrete work at Station 8, located at Smith Hill Road and Golden Gate Canyon. Various bids had been submitted. Training Officer Clay Bosworth, who Jennings advised has worked on many projects for Timberline, participated in the meeting by telephone conference call.

Bosworth recommended a bid submitted by Ted A. Cook of Quality Design Construction of Nederland. That bid was $29,800 to form, pour, and finish a foundation with footings, walls and slab. The bid includes labor, materials, concrete pumps, and insulation blankets if needed. The bid does not include drains. No down payment was required. Half of the total would be required upon completion of walls, with the remaining half to be paid upon completion of the job.

Bosworth stated that Quality Design could begin the work in about three weeks from signing a contract and could get the work done in about a week to a week and a half, depending on weather conditions. He suggested that Timberline go with Quality Design because he had gotten good recommendations from local people and because he liked that company’s schedule and price.

Bids by a few other contractors had been submitted earlier in 2013, including a bid of $26,400 from Mario’s Concrete, Inc. of Denver; $23,938 from Independent Building Systems & Consulting, LLC, location unknown; and $31,250 from TOMA Foundation of Evergreen. When the Board asked Bosworth if he had contacted any of these other contractors recently to get updates on their bids, he said he had not, but he said those bids would give the Board members a good idea of their cost. He advised that those bids did not account for everything and that the costs from those companies would go up. He also said that there were timing issues with cold weather.

Johnston requested written documentation on references for Quality Design and also questioned why drains were not included in their bid. Jennings noted that Timberline had purchased commercial drain kits, and Bosworth added that he and a staff volunteer would be doing the drain work.

The Board said a metal building is also to be put up at Station 8, but the bids at this time are just for the foundation work. Putting up the metal building will be contracted separately. Bosworth noted that Cook (Quality Design) had been “extremely accommodating and acts like he wants to do the job” of putting up the metal building.

Bosworth said that once the concrete was in, the metal building could be done at any time because that work was not weather dependent. If Timberline waited on the concrete work, however, the ground may be frozen. Bosworth said that if Quality Design got the go-ahead, they could put insulation blankets above the trenches now to protect from frost and then return in three weeks to do the concrete work.

Board members also questioned whether a new building permit needed to be issued by the County, and Bosworth advised that the only thing that needed to be done was to call for a re-inspection.

A motion was carried to contract with Quality Design for the concrete work on Station 8 pending the provision of a contract and approval by Timberline’s attorneys, Collins, Cochran, and Cole.

Repairs on Station 7 Driveway

The Board discussed the repairs needed on the driveway at Station 7, located at 14908 Highway 119. The driveway has become eroded. One bid has been received, dated May 20, 2013, from Jake of All Trades Contracting of Black Hawk in the amount of $7,950. The description of work states, “Haul and place 8 loads of fill dirt throughout the ditch. Bring up to grade to level and compact. Haul and install 10 loads of recycled asphalt around building all the way to street edge. Compact with proper drainage. 2 year warranty included.” Half of the total would be due up front, with the other half due at job completion.

The Board had misgivings about the bid. Crawford felt the company should be willing to start work without Timberline having to pay money up front. He also wanted the amount of material expressed in cubic yards rather than in “loads.”

Wenzel felt the wording of the bid was too vague and wanted to have a plan sheet listing limits of what would be done and where; he also wanted to know the amount and quality of the material that would be used.

Johnston questioned how long recycled asphalt would last.

Jennings hoped to have a bid from Larry Sterling, who does excavation for the County. Timberline has worked with Sterling for years on other projects, Crawford advised.

The Board decided that bids needed to be received from other companies and would try to get one from Sterling and perhaps others during the week. The Board members agreed that if exact specifications were drawn up, they could be given to all companies bidding so that each company would have the same specifications on which to base a bid. That would allow Timberline to make an accurate comparison between bidders.

Jennings thought that they could put fill dirt over the driveway, which is the immediate need, and then wait until spring when the weather warmed up to do the rest of the work. In the meantime, the dirt could compact. Wenzel suggested tabling the matter for discussion at the Board’s meeting on November 4, and the other members agreed.

Next Meetings

The next Board meetings will be held on November 4 at 7 p.m., to be followed by a workshop; a regular meeting on November 20; and a regular meeting/pension board meeting on December 10. All meetings will be held at Station 3.

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