The Voice of Hope “Lost in a Blizzard”

4th in the Series of 5 – Life Coaching

By Dr. Mike Brooks

The storms of life were beginning to take shape and I had no idea what was only hours away could be my final hours of living. We turned in about 9:00 p.m. that evening. I was pumped for the hunt and fell asleep dreaming of big bulls and mule deer. I was sleeping soundly until I felt drops of water hitting my face. I felt the water on my nose and then reached up to feel the ceiling of the tent, which by the way, was only inches from my face. I realized that the tent was caving in from 10 inches of snow that had fallen during the night. Shocked, I woke up my buddy Mark. We never even thought to check the weather forecast! We both got dressed and checked outside the tent. The poles we bent and even a few were broken. When I got back into the tent I realized that all of our clothes and gear was soaked from the rain that had changed to snow. We were not prepared for this! As the snow continued to fall, I thought to myself that normally I would have been thrilled, but not this time.

We knew we had a dilemma on our hands, so Mark and I started a fire to get warm and dry some of our clothes. As dawn finally arrived we talked about what we needed to do. He wanted to go get some supplies and let everyone know that we were okay on top of the mountain. I stayed behind to watch our gear, gather firewood, and keep a fire going. I stayed by our tent and hunted while the snow continued to come down heavily. I was watching a game trail that had been used during the night. I could hear some shots down below me and wondered what was happening. That’s when I heard the hoofs hitting some rocks close by. The fog was so thick I couldn’t see where these animals were. I was ready and waited for several minutes to see if anything would come by. I went back and added wood to the fire and waited for Mark, but it was afternoon before Mark returned.

As the hours passed, the wind and snow picked up and the fog settled in. I had hunted in some rough weather, but this took the cake. It was getting dark and I was getting cold. That’s when the shaking started. Earlier that afternoon, I had added wood to the fire and built a lean-to for Mark and myself. I couldn’t find any more small pieces of wood. I kicked around in the snow for larger logs that I could drag over and had a good pile stacked up. My sleeping bag and my clothes were soaked. As I tried to lay down on the packed down snow with wet clothes on and cover up with my wet sleeping bag, I tried going to sleep but couldn’t because of the shivering and shaking. I was exhausted from being so cold. I got as close as I could to the fire and still, it didn’t warm me at all. I told Mark that I was going to head down to the base camp below us. I had no idea how far away it was, but I was going down. I probably was 100 yards from the lean-to when something told me not to go any further. I went back and got Mark and insisted that we go down together. The trip down was awful! As the snow storm turned into a blizzard with white-out conditions, we realized we were lost. We kept going along the side of the mountain in waist deep snow determined to find base camp.

It seemed like we wandered for hours. It was now 2:30 a.m. when I suggested to Mark that we fire three shots as a distress warning. He agreed so I fired the shots and to our dismay, no one responded. We did this a total of three times then continued on. We fell over downed trees that were covered with sleet and snow. When we fell, we fell hard and often! Throughout our journey, we took breaks and told each other that there was hope and we would be found. I think Mark was as worried as I was about not surviving this hunt.

Next week we will continue “Lost In A blizzard.”

“You can’t eat hope,’ the woman said. You can’t eat it, but it sustains you,’ the colonel replied.”

― Gabriel Garcí¬a Márquez

Do you have a situation in the home where you have lost your hope and need to learn how to find it again? Do you feel hopeless and are afraid of what tomorrow brings? Are you afraid to hope again after a personal loss? What scares you about hoping for things? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call me and I can help you find answers to finding peace in your life.

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