The ordinary, extraordinary cemetery

Podcast of Gilpin Cemeteries

By Jenni Johnson

I just wanted to let you know that my podcast The Ordinary, Extraordinary Cemetery is off the ground and running! Episodes 2 and 3 feature Central City and Gilpin County.

The Champions and Central City, Colorado

Join Dianne and Jennie as they tell the story of Hugh and Levinia Champion, a couple who married, had children, and died in Central City, CO during the Colorado gold rush that began in 1859. This is the story of ordinary people living in an extraordinary time and place. You will visit their home of Central City and their final resting place in The Knights of Pythias Cemetery in the glorious Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Bald Mountain Cemetery & the Poetry of P.E. Redmond

Jennie and Dianne return to Central City, CO to explore the hidden mountain gem that is Bald Mountain Cemetery. They also find out what happened to Central City and Gilpin County in the years after the 1859 Gold Rush through the eyes and poetry of local miner Pete Redmond. Come with us to the Ordinary, Extraordinary Cemetery!

I have included links here to both of those episodes in case you are interested in listening or if you wanted to share them with friends. The podcast is also available on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

I have truly loved researching Gilpin County. I have gotten lots of feedback from people all over the U.S. about how they enjoyed hearing about it too.

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