The Gilpin Eagles win against Soroco Rams

Second of two Conference games

By Gary King

On Friday October 23rd the Eagles won their away game in Oak Creek, Colorado against the Soroco High School Rams by a score of 42 to 20. Subsequent to Friday’s game the Eagles have 2 wins and 0 losses in league play along with one non-league loss.

When asked to comment on the game the Eagle’s head coach Craig Ball had the following remarks: “Soroco and the town of Oak Creek has one of the best small-town football venues. When you play at Soroco, your team must be ready to play against, not only the football team but the fans and what seems like the whole town. On Friday night our boys rose to the challenge. From all our scouting and reports from other coaches, we knew that Soroco had size at nearly every position. We put a game plan in to exploit the Rams’ aggressiveness and power. We worked all week on our outside sweep play that we felt would slow the Rams down over time. All three of our backs had over 100 yards rushing in the game and we totaled 427 rushing yards in the game. Our defense was fast and played smart and we kept the Rams out of the end zone through 3 quarters where we had posted a 34-0 lead going into the 4th quarter. We will enjoy this victory over the weekend, but we will start to be laser-focused on West Grand coming to visit us on Halloween Day at 1 pm.”

The game opened with a Rams short kick to the Eagles. A 15-yard penalty against the Eagles on the kickoff placed the start of the Eagle’s possession on their own 33-yard line. The Eagles followed up with an aggressive 5-play drive ending with a Kamron Brewer (8) 20-yard rushing touchdown. After a failed 2-point conversion attempt the score stood at Eagles 6 to the Rams 0 with 10:57 left on the 1st quarter clock. After a 14-yard return of the Eagles following kickoff, the Rams held the ball for 10 plays gaining only 21 yards and ending with a 4th down punt that was returned 22 yards by Stephen King (2) to the Eagles 33-yard line. The Eagles put together an intensive 14-play, 67-yard drive ending with a 50-yard touchdown pass to Nolan Lindberg (6). Following an unsuccessful 2-point conversion attempt the score was reset at Eagles 12 to Rams 0. The Eagle’s kickoff went out of bounds on the Ram’s 23-yard line and was followed by a Ram’s 37-yard gain in 3 plays to end the quarter on the Eagles 40-yard line.

The Rams opened the 2nd quarter with a continuation of their 4-play series from the 1st quarter for another 6 plays. The Ram’s drive ended in a turnover to the Eagles on a failed 1st down attempt on a 4th down with 6 yards to go. After an 11-down campaign to the Rams 21-yard line the Eagles responded with a similar turnover also on a 4th down with 6 yards to go when they missed a short pass that would have given them a 1st down. The Eagles compensated by holding the Rams to a mere 3-yard gain in 4 downs forcing them to turn possession of the ball over to the Eagles by punting from the Ram’s own 25-yard line. The Eagles downed the punt on their own 40-yard line where they began a 60-yard campaign culminating in a King (2) 21-yard run around the right side for an Eagles touchdown. Subsequent to an unproductive 2-point conversion attempt, the score was reestablished at 18-0 in favor of the Eagles with 3:01 on the clock. The Rams picked up the Eagle’s bouncing kickoff on their own 13-yard line where they were tackled with no gain. The Rams held the ball for 10 plays and a gain of 72 yards to the Eagle’s 15-yard line to end the first half of the game.

The 2nd half began with an Eagles kickoff picked up by the Rams receiver on their 10-yard line and returned the ball 5 yards before being tackled. The Rams began with a 13-yard 1st and 10 on their first play after which the Eagles managed a Rams loss of 20 yards over 4 plays including a 10-yard loss on a QB sack and a QB fumble and recovery for an 11-yard loss. The Ram’s 4th down punt was allowed to roll dead on the Ram’s 43-yard line. The 1st play of the Eagle’s possession was a King (2) QB sweep left for a 57-yard touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion by Boulter (19) establishing the score at 0-26 Eagles. With 9:17 left on the 3rd quarter clock, the Eagles kickoff was picked up by the Rams on their 19-yard line and returned 24 yards to their 43-yard line before being stopped by the Eagle’s defense. The Rams possession lasted for 8 plays and a gain of 20 yards to Eagle’s 37-yard line. On a 4th down and with 1 yard needed for a 1st, the Ram’s fumbled under center with the loose ball recovered by Brewer (8) of the Eagles. The Eagles held possession of the ball for 6 plays and a gain of 63 yards culminating in an Eagles touchdown by Boulter (19) from the Ram’s 1-yard line. King (2) completed the 2-point conversion on a pitch to the left making the score Rams 0 to Eagles 34 with 4:06 remaining in the 3rd quarter. The following Eagle’s kickoff went out of bounds on the Ram’s 35-yard line. The Rams advanced 27 yards over the next 10 plays to end the 3rd quarter at the Eagles 38-yard line on a 2nd and 6.

In an action-packed 4th quarter the Rams battled hard to get back in the game. Continuing their 10-play drive from the 3rd quarter the Rams added another 35 yards over 7 plays finishing with a touchdown on a QB sneak from the Eagle’s 3-yard line. With a successful Rams 2-point conversion the new score was Rams 8 to Eagles 34 with 9:22 remaining in the quarter. The Rams followed up with an on-sides kick that was fumbled by the Eagle’s line and recovered by the Rams on the Eagle’s 48-yard line. The Eagles held the Rams to a gain of only 4 yards over 5 plays ending with a turnover to the Eagles on an unsuccessful 4th down run. The Eagles responded with a 7-play push for 40 yards concluding a Boulter (19) QB keeper up the middle for a touchdown followed by another Boulter (19) push up the middle for the 2-point conversion making the score 8-42 Eagles. The Eagles subsequent kickoff was a ground kick picked up by the Rams on their own 23-yard line and returned the ball 77 yards for a Ram’s touchdown. The Rams followed up with an attempted 2-point conversion that came up short renewing the score to 14-42 Eagles with 5:35 left in the game. On the first play of the Eagle’s possession, they fumbled the ball on a QB sweep to the right. The Rams recovered the ball for an Eagles turnover on the Eagles 45-yard line. The Rams took advantage of the turnover by putting together another winning drive this time for 43 yards and another touchdown. After an incomplete pass on the extra point play the scoreboard displayed 20-42 in favor of the Eagles with 2:41 left in the game. The Eagles recovered the Ram’s subsequent on-sides kick on the Eagles 48-yard line. The Eagles went on to control the ball for the final 6 plays of the game. The final score stood at Eagles 42 to the Rams 20.

The Eagle’s next game is scheduled for Saturday, October the 31st at 1:00 pm against the West Grand High School Mustangs and is to take place on the Eagle’s home field.

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