The Boulder Dance Coalition

International Festival

by Dave Gibson

“The Boulder Dance Coalition (BDC) is a coalition of groups and individuals that are committed to promulgating traditional participatory art forms – that is, art forms in which you can join in – such as dance, music, singing, and storytelling.” – BDC

On June 15th through 17th, Boulder Dance Coalition held its annual International Festival on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Forty performing troupes showcased traditional dances from the British Isles, Israel, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, China, Africa, Europe, South America, and North America. While absorbing performances by the practiced was highly entertaining and educational, one of BDC’s main objectives is getting people involved, so after most of the shows anyone and everyone were welcomed on the dance floor to participate in a group lesson.

Boulder Dance Coalition hosts special events with live music during the year and offers instruction in Cajun, waltz, tango, flamenco, square, folk, swing, tap, hula, salsa, samba, contra, and belly dancing. Lessons are conducted at the Avalon Community Building, 6185 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, CO. Admission to the ballroom and padded dance floor costs $10. Prior experience isn’t necessary and no partner is required.

For more information about BDC go to or call 303-440-8303.

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