The Abduction at Mountain City or Where is Millie?

Belvidere Players performances in July

By Patrice LeBlanc

While most theaters have shut down in Colorado, residents in Central City have found a way to provide entertainment while maintaining the health guidelines set by the County. The Belvidere Players will perform a social distance melodrama, The Abduction at Mountain City or Where is Millie? on July 11, 18 and 25, 6:00 p.m. at the Teller House gardens on Eureka St. in Central City. JKQ BBQ is sponsoring the events and providing food and beverages. Reservations can be made at

The melodrama, written by Patrice LeBlanc and Ed Schoenradt, is inspired by historical stories of the area. The legend of the Rose Haydee a.k.a Miss Millie in the 1860’s is retold through theatrical humor with melodramatic antics of social distance actions. Included in the cast is the heroine Rose Haydee, played by Isabella Stockham. She is accompanied by her mother, Madame Wakely (Leah Stockham) and two sisters, Flora and Louise (Sophia and Olivia Stockham). The show is kept going by Deputy William Cozens played by local Mike Keeler from the well- known Wild Bunch Gang. The hero Tom Evans is played by Rex Decker, the favorite bartender from JKQ. David Josslyn offers a stellar performance as the villain Harry Gunnell, and Dutch Van Deuchen rounds out the cast as the famous miner Pat Casey. The audience will be encouraged to participate with the traditional melodrama outbursts and joining in on the final song. Seating is limited to 40 people in the garden. For more information, visit

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