Tea for twenty or so…

My Cup Runneth Over community event

By Jaclyn Schrock

Talking about good times lightens the heart and smiles abound. There were many smiles with chattering conversation as nearly 20 young, and less young, ladies gathered Sunday afternoon, at Christ the King (CTK) Church in Black Hawk.

My Cup Runneth Over is hoped to be a seasonal event with area women. Christ the King hosted the first summer tea, and Calvary Chapel in Nederland is planning to host the fall tea near the end of September this year. Winter and spring teas may be hosted by other groups.

In traditional ladies afternoon tea manner, conversations encouraged topics and praise of the good things that have happened in our lives in the past season. Care was taken to speak in general terms of people and places to avoid the notion of retelling personal details, and keep our focus on the giver of all good things. We selected 12 names of God that reveal His majestic character, which prompted us to recall the positives in our lives.

As ladies arrived, they were invited to choose their hot tea cup, saucer, plate and place at a table. CTK children wove paper placemats for the occasion. Cold water was also served with sugar, lemon and creamers.

Three gentlemen poured one of three kinds of hot tea into ladies cups, who sat with eight per table. Individual varieties were available to brew in the cup. Two types of ice tea were available, including a flavorful spice tea.

A welcome was made regarding the joy of rest and peace on the Sabbath day, found following the Good Shepherd who leads us to green pastures and still waters. All joined into reading the 23rd Psalm and sang those words along with another praise song, accompanied by Nicole Merrick on the acoustic guitar.

This unique tea’s objectives were presented. Our conversations were to tell of the blessings that have overflowed our cup. We would refrain from speaking the names of individuals or places, to keep our attention on the ways God has revealed His loving and faithful character.

Twelve names of God were on colorful pages for each tea drinker, to be prompted of instances their blessings had overflowed this past spring. The bright room with many tall windows, on the cloudy, cool snow blowing third day of summer became quiet as thoughts replayed recent events. However, there was a “Tea Duel” to see who would begin at each table.

Two tea-dueling ladies faced off, each with a cup of hot black tea between them. They were invited to choose their weapon, (a Bordeaux cookie) held properly to be dunked at the signal, for a slow 5 second countdown. Turned back upright so the tea soaked cookie could drain into the dry portion, only chance selected the one whose dissolving cookie landed in the mouth last rather than the cup or saucer.

The winner of each Tea Duel was the last one to lose their cookie.

Winners were granted the privilege of relating the first praise of how God had revealed Himself in their life or those they care about. Each table watched with anticipation while their tablemates were dueling. Once matters were settled of where the good times would begin, the first round of food service began.

Deliciously dainty sandwiches were presented by the gentlemen for the ladies to select from. Soon thereafter, the fruit trays, more sandwiches, deviled eggs, more fruit, and of course tea helped us enjoy the listening and telling of the ways God’s names had been revealed,

During the snack service, the first to praise lady began reading her colorful cards set at each place. These charming hand written notes had Bible scriptures praising God. Everyone continued to have a turn to tell about the good things they have enjoyed this past season. Our cups were overflowing with blessings!

Desserts were also served: delicate homemade scones with fig butter, a variety of muffins, including brownies and shortbread, lady finger cookies, more fruit and specially created for this event (by one of our servers) –  hickory smoked rhubarb tarts with whipped cream.

Our men serving did a spectacular job keeping or plates and cups filled with their own personal comments and gracious manners. Turns out these three fellows tell us they enjoyed the day, supporting their wives in this positive, encouraging afternoon.

At the closing time, we praised God for the many blessings and listed the praises for each of the 12 reminder names of God.

Jehovah Rapha, The Lord Who Heals You, from spiritual, physical and many painful situations

Yahweh Yireh or Jehovah Jireh, the Lord Will Provide, when we can’t see a way out of situations, but He walks with us through it

Abba Father’s unconditional love and protection, deep, close relationship

El Roi, the God Who Sees Me, gave us security knowing He understands and cares so comforts and resolves any wrongdoing

El Shaddai, God Almighty, like a shield of loving protection seeing, knowing and having all power, dwelling in His presence we find hope, security and rest.

Yaweh Shalom, The Lord is Peace, bringing peace and joy that is not of this world, we never need to fear

Elohim’s incredible power and might, the true God, Sovereign, all knowing, eternally Holy, ever-present in time and space, creator

Yaweh, the LORD, I AM, bigger than any problem, honored, trusted, wise loving shepherd

El Elyon, God Most High beyond anything we can comprehend

Yahweh Nissi, The Lord My Banner, the victory won, we could never win without him, is Jesus’ power reflected from us

Son of God, Savior, redeemer, risen Lord, great High Priest, human brother

Holy Spirit, Ruach Hakkodesh, Shepherd, intercessor, interpreter, essence of God in presence of those sealed by those who answer His call

May your cup also be running over with blessings!

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