Summer splendor in Central City

New Art Show Opens

By David Josselyn

Photography, acrylics, pottery, and jewelry come alive in Showcase Gallery of the Central City Visitors Center for the newest Gilpin County Arts show “Summer Splendor.” Award-winning artists Monica Tymcio, Jim Bennett, Tom Cowherd, and Brad Wood express themselves through magnificent works of art reflecting the mood and color of the season.

Monica Tymcia uses acrylics to recreate the world around her. She is an avid backpacker and gardener which can be easily seen in her works. She did a series of useful creatures capturing the “bugs” that serve a vital purpose in the ecology and life cycles of the plants and flowers that give us joy and sustenance. Tymcio’s “Blue Lake” is the centerpiece on a showcase wall picturing an alpine glacier-fed lake with amazing shades of blue in the water and sky. Blue Lake was an escape, a healing place, for Monica, where she could go to get away from the troubles of the world and refresh her spirit. She wishes the painting emulated the status of Blue Lake (a front-range alpine lake near the Brainard Lake area), but it is not so. Tymcio recently hiked up to the lake and was dismayed to find it crowded with people and the trash the masses leave behind. She dug up an old picture of hers to reproduce so she could remember it as it used to be. “Blue Lake” is a reflection of a time gone by.

“Summer Splendor” will be on display through September 1 and is worth the visit. A family visiting Central City on Saturday, July 7, was astounded when they stumbled upon the show as they discovered the many hidden treasures of the town. The Smith family, from Littleton, Colorado, loved seeing local artists displayed and had no idea they could find such great talent in a quaint little town. Jane Smith was excited to be welcomed with food from the opening reception and garnered useful and interesting information from Showcase Gallery attendant Kurt Halstead. “This truly is a treasure,” said Jane.

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