Stevens obtains Municipal Clerks degree

From Colorado Institute for Municipal Clerks

PRESS RELEASE – Kelly K. Stevens, City of Black Hawk, has graduated from the Colorado Institute for Municipal Clerks. During graduation exercises in July at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Ms. Stevens was awarded her graduation certificate by Wendy Heffner, President of the Colorado Municipal Clerks Association (CMCA).

The Colorado Institute for Municipal Clerks is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of municipal clerks. The training provided enables them to assist local government in providing services to its citizens and in meeting future challenges. The Institute requires 120 student/ instructor contact hours consisting of 60 hours in public administration, finance, intergovernmental relations, management and municipal law; 30 hours in social and interpersonal concerns, human relations, group dynamics and individual motivation; and 30 hours in job specific skills such as records management, office administration, written communication, election administration, and liquor licensing. Many municipal clerks who complete the Institute program use it for credit towards their Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) designation offered through the Institute.

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