Shop locally and support your small businesses

National Small Business Day, November 28th

By David Josselyn

It’s easy, isn’t it? Just login to Amazon, do a quick search, a little research (hopefully), add items to your cart, checkout, and presto! For a minute or two of your time, in a few days, those items are at your doorstep. Amazon doesn’t have everything, but let’s say your sister-in-law loves craft beer and your best friend raves about “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” which is coming to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts next year. A quick (45 minutes one-way give or take) trip down the hill to Applejack Wine & Spirits will set you up with more craft beer than you knew existed and another few minutes on the internet can score those theatre tickets. While there is no problem shopping online or heading to the big chain store to conveniently find what you desire, there are good, hard-working folks that are left out of the equation; the local small businesses. The pandemic has hit the economy hard and the businesses suffering the most are the ones in your own backyard, so perhaps this year, more than any other, it is important to honor the intent of National Small Business Day on Saturday, November 28.

The Bean & Cream, 135 Clear Creek Street, Black Hawk

The Bean & Cream was optimistically opened last March the same week the pandemic caused us to hunker down indoors. Never-the-less, they have persevered and have become a reputable eatery by word of mouth. They offer breakfast burritos and quesadillas; sandwiches using the freshest of meats, cheeses, and breads; homemade ice cream; and coffee from Denver-based Allegro.

Dostal Alley, 116 Main Street, Central City

Dostal Alley, known for their friendly casino, tasty pizza, and award-winning beer, will be offering pizza and beer specials. The owners and operators have long been active in our county government and schools.

Gilpin Art Gallery, historic Washington Hall, 117 Eureka Street, Central City

Gallery Manager Michelle Roussel is proud to offer jewelry, paintings, photography, pottery, greeting cards, matted prints and more by local artists. Gilpin Arts is renowned for high-quality professional pieces lovingly created by down-to-earth artists passionate about their creations. Everything in the Gallery will be 10% off on the 28th and prices start at $10.

Golden Rose Antiques & Collectibles, 119 Eureka Street, Central City

Owners Jeff and Cindy Warner opened the Golden Rose in 2007 in the old pharmacy building on Eureka Street. Many people come to the Golden Rose sharing memories of having a soda at Springer’s Pharmacy. The Golden Rose is an eclectic antique shop with books, jewelry, porcelain, glassware, toys, original artwork, furniture, and many miscellaneous items.

Hawley Mercantile, 121 Main Street, Central City

Family owned Hawley Mercantile opened in October of 2019 inside the original Hawley Merchandise building established in 1874. They have four floors of antiques, collectibles, vintage toys, jewelry, quilts and many more from 37 different vendors. Their inventory is in constant flux so each week you find something new. Owners Chris, Mimi, and Omar Garcia wish to thank Central City and all their wonderful customers and vendors for “making this store one of the greatest and the biggest gift stores in the county.”

Holistic Homestead, 972 Golden Gate Canyon Road, Black Hawk

The Holistic Homestead opened in January 2020 and remains operational through the pandemic thanks to their loyal members and dedicated volunteers, offering healthy fruits and veggies, locally grown.

Mayor Willie’s Coffee and Donuts, 125 Main Street, Central City

Mayor Willie’s Coffee and Donuts is another brave survivor of the pandemic having opened full-time just a couple months prior to the shut-down orders. They have been serving warm, delicious doughnuts, coffee, and breakfast burritos to the local patrons all summer long. What many people don’t know is they have a large collection of strange and interesting gifts on their lower level affectionately called Moosetang Ridge. Embracing the theme of the season, they will add holiday baked treats to their menu.

Wabi Pottery, 13499 Virginia Canyon Road in Russell Gulch above Central City

  Long-time active resident Forrest Anderson continues to find happiness sitting behind his potter’s wheel and kiln. Wabi Pottery offers hundreds of functional works of art from bowls, platters, mugs, and many more.

Local Liquor

The local liquor stores may surprise you with the quantity and variety of craft brews and spirits they carry. Between Annie Oakley’s in Central City, Pickle Liquors on Highway 46, Underground Liquors across from Taggert’s on Highway 119, and Mid-County Liquors near Roy’s Last Shot on Highway 119, you can find your alcohol needs. For something extra special, visit Gold Dirt Distillery in Rollinsville and grab a bottle of my favorite, their Rocky Mountain Gin, or one of their many other varietals.

Support Our Local Businesses

For many of the small businesses in our County, their survival through the pandemic hinges on sales through the holidays from the locals. Events like the Tommyknocker Bazaar that normally attract shoppers from down the hill have been cancelled making continued patronage by those in the community the only thing standing between future success and empty buildings. Let’s show support for our local businesses this Shop Local Saturday, Saturday November 28, 2020.

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