Shield 616 program: rifle-rated protective vests

Fundraising for our police officers in Gilpin County

by Jaclyn Schrock

Diana and Lewis Wagner gave a presentation at the Commissioners Coffee on September 17th about the Shield 616 program. It is a faith-based organization, and the name was derived from Ephesians 6:16.  This is a community fund raising project to purchase one vest-shield at a time when the $2,100 is raised for an officer.

Gilpin Commissioners may consider funding a portion of the safest most user friendly body armor from our County budget. The community fund raising goal is to get approximately 20 vests and helmets for the Gilpin Sheriff’s Department, built for each officer in the department.

The Black Hawk Police Department could use 24 of these vest-shields, which are rifle proof, designed for all day/shift wear. Currently the body armor the Gilpin officers use is 9 millimeter proof at 20 yards.

Funds may be donated to an individual officer’s fund, or to the department at

Gilpin School Resource Officer Ramsey is the first to have funds raised for the Shield 616 vest.

The Wagner’s and Heather Newman are working in Gilpin County to raise funds for our first responders. The Wagner’s learned of the Shield 616 program when one of their family members was awarded one while working for her city’s police force in Colorado. They also have other family members in security agencies seeking community fund-raising for this advanced protection.

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