Senior housing needed in Gilpin County

Market Study from the Colorado Health Foundation

By Sandy Hollingsworth

Our best wishes as Gilpin residents continue coping with the social restrictions due to Coronavirus. Our Board has virtual meetings to keep connected. We missed seeing you at the Classic Car Show which we would have held in July but cancelled like all large events in our area. Community safety first!

In late March, the Gilpin Senior Living Board received a Market Study research report of senior housing needs in Gilpin County. This was funded through a grant from Colorado Health Foundation and done according to CHFA (Colorado Housing and Finance) guidelines. The last Market Research Study done for GCSL was in 2010.

The study sourced federal and state statistical databases and found that Gilpin County population increases are highest in the older age categories. Between 2000 and 2020, the 65-74 age group accounted for the highest percentage of the population, increasing 7.7%, while ages 55-64 increased 6.1% and ages 75 and older increased 6.3%. Almost all the age categories under age 44 decreased.

Between 2000 and 2020, we gained an average of 59 senior (age 62+) households per year. We are projected to add 43 senior households annually through 2025, and that age group will account for 35% of total households in 2022. Gilpin is an aging county and senior housing remains a need. GCSL continues to research options for creating senior rental housing and ways to overcome economic setbacks, we remain hopeful for this long-term goal.

It will be interesting to see how the current Census information being gathered now compares. If you have not yet done your Census questionnaire please do at It determines the rate of federal funding levels to match state spending for social service and housing programs, safety net services, and transportation infrastructure, plus legislative boundaries. Adjustments only happen once every 10 years so now is our chance to get counted! It may lead to more money for creating senior housing!

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