Second oldest Colorado police force may disband

CC_SheriffBruceHartmen-CaptainTomIhme-UndersheriffJonBain-PoliceChiefPatricStantonCentral City submits IGA to Gilpin County for law enforcement

By David Josselyn

The Gilpin County Commissioners hosted a joint work session with the Central City Council to discuss a law enforcement IGA that would have the County take over the entirety of policing the City. The proposed IGA would be cost neutral in that the City will pay for all the costs associated with the coverage. Central City outlined specific provisions for patrolling Central that are beyond the current scope of what the County does in other areas. Commissioner Watson pointed out that the level of service would not be equal for the City of Rollinsville as it would in Central. City Manager Miera reassured her that this is factored into the cost the City will pay the County.

The proposed IGA would need to be renewed annually which would give the City the option to transition back to a policed municipality over the course of one year. This also allows for adjustments to the costs for the coverage so that the County is not left without recourse should there be mitigating factors. Commissioner Schmalz was particularly concerned about the long-term effects of the IGA and what happens when there is a whole new governing body with a new sheriff. Commissioner Isenhart addressed the sheriff issue saying “We’ll have to trust the good folks of Gilpin County not to elect a nut job.”

Both the County and the City will need to work out finer details in executive sessions, and so it was decided to meet again for a follow up work session on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. Work sessions are open to the public, but public input is not always requested or allowed. Both parties would like to see a final resolution of an IGA before the 2017 Budgets are finalized. Expect to see the IGA come before the County and the City at regular meetings at least twice before the end of the year.

Coming Up

The City of Central is hosting an economic growth summit on Wednesday, September 14, at 6:30 p.m. Neighbors, friends, and business are invited to attend to voice their input and preferences to help direct the future of the town.

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