Sanitation District celebrates 50 years

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Of service to our Black Hawk and Central City communities

By David Spellman

The Black Hawk/ Central City Sanitation District was formed by District Court Order fifty years ago on July 24, 1968.

The original Board of Directors consisted of:  Norman R. Blake, T. J. Hennings, G. D. Harbin, Ernest A. Wright, and William C. Russell, Jr.The Board worked hard and cooperatively to establish the first sanitary sewer system for the two historic cities.

Bonds, loans and grants of approximately $585,000 were used to construct sanitary sewer lines in both cities and construct the first wastewater treatment plant at the south end of Main Street in Black Hawk. The mill levy was set at 3 mills.

The current Board of Directors are David D. Spellman, President; Buddy Schmalz, Vice-President; Jeff Aiken, Secretary; Jim Johnson, Treasurer, and Paul Bennett, Member at Large. Spellman is the grand-nephew of original Board Member and long-seated Board President, Norman Blake.

This Board retired the original debt and repaid a loan obtained to construct the new wastewater treatment plant on Highway 119. District residents now enjoy a debt-free enterprise and a mill levy of .168 mills, more than 94% less than it was in 1968. The Board has also reduced residential fees from $10 per month in 1968 to $5 per month in 2018.

Congratulations to the Black Hawk/ Central City Sanitation District on this special anniversary of extraordinary success and service to the citizens of Black Hawk and Central City.

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