Romance, danger, obsessions, and a mistress

This week at the Gilpin Library

by Larry Grieco, Librarian

Julie Garwood writes romance novels that often cross over into the mystery genre. Her newest book, Hotshot, is one of those multi-genre offerings. This one is all about Peyton Lockhart and her sisters, and how they inherit Bishop’s Cove, a small, but luxurious oceanfront resort. The inheritance comes with a hitch – they have to run the resort for one year and show a profit before they completely own it. A series of events goes from bad to worse, until Peyton’s life becomes in danger. She calls upon the man who once saved her life when she was a child, Finn MacBain, who is now an FBI agent. Finn is happy to help her now, but is pleasantly surprised by the “beautiful, passionate woman she has become.” Are they going to be able to keep their minds on business? And who exactly is behind the threats to Peyton’s life? That’s the mystery part of the story. There are 36 million copies of Julie Garwood’s books in print, with a legion of fans.

James Patterson is no slouch when it comes to publishing, with more than 275 million copies of his books sold. In fact he seems to publish a new book several times a month. His loyal fans don’t seem to mind at all. Patterson’s latest book is Mistress, written with David Ellis (I guess the key to frequent publishing is to have a co-author for each book.) In this one, the hero is Ben, who is “a man consumed by his obsessions: movies, motorcycles, presidential trivia – and Diana Hotchkiss.” Ben is hooked on Diana. When her dead body is found outside her apartment, it is ruled a suicide, but Ben doesn’t believe that for one minute. He vows to uncover the truth about her death. His investigation leads to the realization that Diana was leading a double life. She was the wholesome Midwestern girl to her family and friends, but in the political world of Washington, DC, “she was a manipulative go-getter who used her sexual prowess to get what she wanted.” Naturally there are some powerful men who would not want the truth about her “other” side to be discovered, and at least one of them is bound to stop Ben from finding out about her illicit affairs. As the suspense builds, it is easy to see why Patterson has such a huge following.

Our photographers-in-residence, John and Julie Black, will resume their series of digital photography workshops in on August 17. Even if you have missed the first four sessions, you can still join in on this interesting and rewarding program. Remember, it’s free of charge and you can bring your camera with any questions you may have. This has been one of the most popular of any of our artist-in-residence programs.

Then, keep in mind another one of our big summer events: A Midsummer Night’s Poetry Reading on Saturday evening, August 31, from 7:00 to 9:00, with special guest Robert King, an outstanding writer from Greeley, CO.  Bob will be joined by some of Gilpin County’s best poets: Christine Weeber, Marcelo Games, and Burt Rashbaum, and by Karla Schorzman, a fine poet and an honorary Gilpinite. There will be an opportunity to join in with your own poems during an open mic session.

And one last reminder:  anyone can get on our electronic newsletter list by emailing with the words “Add me” in the subject line. The first several e-issues have gone out to everyone who has signed up to date. You can join the list at any time for future issues.

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