Recreational Sport Shooting Project

Forest Service (Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests)

Public scoping and four open houses on the proposal to include management direction in the Forest Plan were completed in August and September 2015. Approximately 1,600 letters of comment were received from the public. Issues raised during scoping include suitability of recreational sport shooting areas near homes and wilderness, noise, wildfire risk, shooting ranges, lead, wildlife impacts, and shooter rights. The Forest Service is reviewing these comments and gathering more information to aid in developing potential scenarios for Recreational Sport Shooting Management, and eventually development of specific alternatives for environmental analysis. Information about this project is located at

Progress continues at the Devil’s Nose Designated Shooting area on the Clear Creek Ranger District off of Highway 103. This area was designated through a site-specific analysis completed in January 2015. Site design will be completed in 2016, with construction beginning in 2017.

Clear Creek County

Clear Creek County continues to explore opportunities including the Clear Creek County Sportsmen Club site, which is owned by the county and leased to the club.

Boulder County

The Boulder County Commissioners continue to work with the Forest Service on the five publicly identified areas for the possible development of designated shooting sites and will decide shortly whether or not to proceed with site-specific assessment at those locations. Boulder County continues to investigate possible shooting range locations, including two sites in the plains. A proposed Land Use Code Amendment to allow shooting ranges will be presented at public hearings of the Planning Commission and County Commissioners this spring.

Gilpin County

After continued research and review, Gilpin County is adding two sites for consideration as possible shooting range sites within Gilpin County:

Wide Awake, Missouri Gulch Road: This property is located at the top of Missouri Gulch Road and has been an active shooting site for years. The shooting site is on Forest Service land, but users have been parking on private property. The current owner of the adjacent property is interested in selling the 20-acre property and has agreed to allow the county to apply for a Colorado Parks & Wildlife Range Grant to purchase this site. Further site inspection by range experts will begin when the weather permits.

La Place Mining Claim: This 4.4 acre property, which is accessed from the Central City Parkway, was recently acquired by the county in a land exchange. The property will require site visits and sound tests when weather permits before we confirm it is suitable for a range site.

Once the county has the ability to tour both sites and hear from range experts, publicly noticed sound tests will be conducted. Comments will be welcomed from all residents interested in this process.

Public Outreach – Questionnaire

The Partnership has a new questionnaire up on our website. Filling out the questionnaire will help the group to better understand recreational sport shooting trends along the Northern Front Range. Whether you engage in sport shooting or not, please consider helping us gather information.

Thank you for your continued interest and help in creating safe opportunities for all recreationists along the Front Range. Stay tuned for more updates including the creation and distribution of educational videos later this spring.

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