Quest for the perfect pumpkin


Obtaining the full shopping experience at Cottonwood Farm

by Dave Gibson

Before carving a Halloween jack-o’-lantern, a suitable pumpkin must be obtained. Not just any pumpkin will do for the special task, but one that is of the correct size, shape, and color. Perfectly round, tall, squat, or malformed, the pumpkin that appeals most is the right one. Choosing your own among hundreds from the field which it was grown, instead of a supermarket, not only provides a more down-to-earth tactile experience, but ensures that you go home with the ideal candidate.

Cottonwood Farm at 1535 N. 75th St., Boulder, CO, offers a vast array of potential jack-o’-lanterns scattered about their overflowing pumpkin patch. Wagons are provided to tote the kids around with as well as heavy pumpkins on the way to the checkout. An engaging interactive atmosphere for children, after the best pumpkin has been selected, they can wind their way through the corn or straw bale mazes. Rocco the donkey and Bentley the miniature horse will likely want to be petted even if the chickens and cows may not. An old Case steam tractor is on site belching smoke from its stack as a farmer stokes the wood fire. A hayride around the property is an essential ending to a thoroughly enjoyable family outing.

With prized pumpkins hefted atop shoulders or towed in Radio Flyers, everyone leaves Cottonwood Farm with the serene satisfaction that can only be attained through the indisputably secure knowledge that they have the perfect pumpkin.

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