Persistence in the face of challenge

Pastor’s Pulpit

by Pastor Brian Young

Over the years, I have grown to cherish one particular quality of character above most others – persistence. No matter how much a person intends to do what is right, it is her persistence in actually doing it that wins the day. No matter how passionately a person proclaims words of conviction, it is his persistence over time that drags the dreams from the realm of ideals to reality. No matter how intensely a person does right things today, it is her persistence tomorrow and the day after, and the week after that leaves a lasting impact in our world.

In his book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins observes that persistence is one of those irreducible and most important qualities of those companies that survive and thrive in the long run. It is what he calls the “Hedgehog Principle” – that dogged, determined, and simplistic focus of a leader over time to overcome obstacles and stay true to one’s vision.

Persistence is in short supply in modern American culture. We are so tempted to give up in the face of challenges. Too many other options surround us; why hold to the best when you can settle for so many good things? We so easily cut corners and settle for a job quickly done to achieve what is passible rather than take the time to pursue excellence.

But persistence in the face of challenges is the need of the hour. It is through persistence that we cross the finish line after the difficult race. But more than that, we are shaped and molded as we apply persistence. Like training our body through vigorous workouts, we grow our capacity to face further challenges. Little trifles and inconveniences don’t send us into complaining sarcasm; we discover a sense of gratitude for the simple blessings God shines into our lives when all seems dark around us. Stay the course. Persist…

Canyon Cares/Whispering Pines Church Food and Aid Distribution

On Saturday, November 23rd, we will offer a food/ gift card/ turkey distribution to any and all in our community challenge. Please contact Pastor Brian Young at 303-642-3201 ( if you would like to receive a basket.

Day:  Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Place: Whispering Pines Church (73 Gross Dam Rd, behind United Power in Coal Creek Canyon)

Please RSVP to receive a Basket

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