Pee-wee Wrestling Tournament

Gilpin County Elementary School

By Sunny Vincent

Gilpin County Elementary had a tough group of wrestlers this year. This year there were four coaches Clinton Wenholz, Joe Stranaly, Royce McLain, and Peter Morgan and they had 23 students in grades 1st – 5th who participated in the Pee-Wee Wrestling program. They started the program six weeks ago and had to practice twice a week. During practices you could see and hear them running around the school, once of the wrestlers said his favorite part was getting the run through the halls. Something most elementary students don’t get to experience. The wrestlers learned new techniques and had lots of practice matches in order to get ready for their tournament. The tournament was held on May 11th in Gilpin County Gym. The tournament was amazing, the boys all played hard and showed off what they had learned. The results of the tournament were:

Tiny Mite – 1st Place – Trey Lindberg, 2nd Place – Dusty LeBeau, 3rd Place – Drake Trynoski

Mini Mite – 1st  Place – Lance Prewitt, 2nd Place – Zach Gebhart, 3rd Place – William Seigrest Mighty Mite – 1st Place – Black Boulter, 2nd Place – Noland Lindberg, 3rd Place – Mike Wenholz

The elementary students who joined the wrestling team were:

Blake Boulter, Ben Gebhart, Zach Gebhart, Bob Grapes, Chet Grapes, Rylan Gonzales, Drake Hylton, Roland Keller, Penn Keller, Dusty LeBeau, Nolan Lindberg, Trey Lindberg, Matt Marr, Brett McBrayer, Joey Morgan, Lance Prewitt, Alex Rodriguez, Bradley Robinson, William Seigrest, Paxton Tarlip, Anna Thompson, Drake Trynoski, and Mike Wenholz.

Other awards that were given by the coaches were: For the Tiny Mites: Most Aggressive – Dusty LeBeau, Best Attitude – Ben Gebhart, Most Improved – Rolland Keller. For the Mini Mites: Most Aggressive – Alex Rodriguez, Best Attitude – Lance Prewitt, Most improved – Zach Gebhart. For the Might Mites: Most Aggressive – Blake Boulter, Best Attitude – Paxton Tarlip, Most Improved – Drake Hylton.

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