Our Town premier

Central City Opera on Saturday, July 6th

By Tyler Hypnarowski

One week after opening night of The Barber of Seville, the team at Central City Opera will be premiering Our Town, the opera based off of Thornton Wilder’s play of the same name. And while the story has been staged numerous times since its 1938 inception, it is still a relatively new opera, as it made its debut in 2006 at Indiana University Opera Theatre. This production will fulfill for Central City Opera its “rarely performed” piece niche, for which it strives to hit upon each Festival.

Just as is the case with the play version, Central City Opera’s production will feature minimal sets and props, leaving the onus on the artists to project the mood and keep the story moving along. The artists should have no problem keeping the audience attentive in spite of this, as Director Ken Cazan has assembled an all-star cast which includes Anna Christy, Will Ferguson, John Hancock, Kevin Langan, Phyllis Pancella, Vale Rideout and Sally Wolf. The orchestra will be conducted by Christopher Zemliauskas.

The story is one of life, love and death. Set inside a fictitious New Hampshire town in 1901, this production will surely touch upon a mix of human emotions and spirit. It would be a fair assumption to say that in the coming years Our Town will become a more commonly performed opera, making the production in Central City that much more special.

  Our Town opens this Saturday at the Central City Opera House and runs through July 28.

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