Our dogs helping people

Making Tails Wag Better

by Deb D’Andrea

We’ve heard about dogs trained to help people in several ways, from helping people with physical disabilities or who are seizure prone, to sniffing a person with Diabetes breath and alerting them that their blood sugar is off, to dogs that are trained to help people with autism, and helping people who are hard-of-hearing. They do so much more!

Dogs offer uncomplicated love and great companionship – they can provide you with a sense of your own value and importance as you are responsible for them. Dogs need exercise and help you get your exercise through daily walks, which sometimes leads to social time with people and dogs you meet on your walks. And dogs love to be petted and brushed – something that several studies have shown lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and releases chemicals in our brains (and theirs) that make us happy.

Dogs are mascots, they herd cattle and sheep, and some love to hunt or go hunting with you. In WWII, dogs were even used to take messages from one area to another, with several given a Medal of Honor for their courage. Dogs are trained to sniff out cancer cells and are almost 100% correct!

So next time you’re thinking about your pup, think about how great it is to have that awesome companion who is always by your side, helping you by just being there.

Until next time. Deb D’Andrea, founder of 4TheLuvOfDogz, provides mobile Canine Massage, PawQuatics, Canine Agility and Petz Nanny Services. Her homemade dog treats are sold at local stores, and K9Birthday Cakes are available directly from her. Deb pet sits for dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, etc. Contact Deb at 720-675-7078 or

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