Oldies, but goodies

Seniors of Gilpin County

By Sharon Perea

Who are we? We’re called seniors after we reach 50 per AARP, 62+ per Social Security, 65 per Medicare, or 60 per our Gilpin County Senior Program. Restaurant employees give us a senior discount even before we admit we are seniors.

Does the saying “I ain’t what I use to be” ring a bell when you are trying to bend over to put your shoes on? Or maybe you have to sit down when putting on your pants? Is the chair too soft or too low to get out of – or could it be lack of muscle strength in your arms and legs? When you get up in the middle of the night, do you reach for the wall, doorway, or nearest piece of furniture to steady yourself?

Here’s Your Opportunity

Seniors prefer to remain healthy and active in their homes, but jogging, “pumping iron,” or getting on the floor to stretch is not on their list of “things I can or want to do.”

We have a solution for you! Gilpin County Seniors now have a “Sit and Fit” free exercise class at the Gilpin Community Center on Fridays from 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Our instructor, Joelle, has worked for years in senior exercise programs. She promotes wellness, fitness, and balance for better mobility in our everyday living activities. We are not practicing for a marathon, football team, or other competitive activities – well, maybe to play catch with our grandkid! These exercises and movements can be done standing up or sitting down.

In our class it is common to hear folks have had surgery, a previous injury, or suffer from a bad hip, back, shoulder, knee, ankle, or “you name it.” Those that are in better shape want to remain that way through their golden years. Everyone works at their own level, speed and comfort zone. We encourage each other.

87 Years Young Testimony

Anna has seldom missed the Friday senior “Sit and Fit” class. When she first began she wasn’t sure she would continue because “she hurt.” She has arthritis throughout her body, two metal screws in her ankle, cramps in the back of her legs, and two degenerative vertebras in her lower back that caused constant pain. Wow, and she’s only 87!

With a cute grin on her face, Anna shared her thoughts about the exercises. “When I first started the class it was hard for me, but I stuck with it and now I wouldn’t miss it. My balance has improved, and I finally am able to put on my slacks while standing up. I am not in pain anymore. I hope they start having the class two times a week!”

We encourage you to come join us each Friday, from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. This class is free to Gilpin County residents 60 years and older. You can also sign up for the senior lunch following the class – just call Mary Ellen at 303-515-4292. For further information regarding the class, call Sharon at 303-582-5562.

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