Official rebranding of Riviera to Monarch Casino

Black Hawk Council Supports 3A for Gilpin Schools

By Staci McBrayer

The regularly scheduled Black Hawk City Council Meeting started off on October 9 with Alderman Linda Armbright ringing the large bell in the building’s steeple at precisely 3:00 pm to open the meeting. Those present along with Alderman Armbright were Mayor David Spellman, Aldermen Benito Torres, Gregory Moates, Diane Cales, Paul Bennett and Jim Johnson, City Clerk Jeanie Magno, City Manager Jack Lewis, and City Attorney Corey Hoffmann.

Public Hearing on Fire Protection District MOU

Fire Chief Donald Taylor spoke to the Council regarding CB 46, an ordinance approving the Memorandum of Understanding between the Central City, Timberline Fire Protection District, and the City of Black Hawk. The agreement allows each entity to assist the others in times of need such as when concurrent boundaries result in more than one fire department responding to the same incident. Taylor explained that it is pretty standard agreement, and the Council unanimously approved CB 46. There was no public comment.

Public Hearing on Certificate of Appropriateness and Site Development Plan for Monarch Casino Parking Garage

The council approved resolution 37-2013, a resolution conditionally approving a Certificate of Appropriateness and Site Development Plan for the new Monarch Casino Parking Garage located at 444 Main Street unanimously. The ten story-parking garage will be in the location of the former Black Hawk-Central City Sanitation District treatment plant. The future Monarch Casino, which is currently the Riviera Casino, plans on constructing an additional hotel and casino along with the conditionally approved parking garage.

Monarch Casino’s GM and part owner David Farahi informed the council that the official rebranding of the current Riviera Casino to the Monarch Casino will occur on October 21, 2013. Fry also provided the Council with sample board of the structure’s exterior building materials as well as colored renderings of the Casino’s new look.

City Attorney Cory Hoffman reported to the Council that he had deposited the required $765,500 necessary to continue the eminent domain process in getting an unencumbered title to the property adjacent to the Monarch-owned property. This allowed the City to take immediate possession of the property which will allow Monarch to build the parking garage.

Letter of Interest for Historic Preservation Commission

Black Hawk citizen Larry Linker submitted a Letter of Interest pertaining to an opening on the Historic Preservation Commission. Linker stated in his letter that he has previous experience in the rehabilitation of his two properties on Chase Street, citing that through that process he has gained insight into the Commission’s processes and procedures. Linker also has experience in the building trades as a carpenter. The Council unanimously approved Linker’s appointment to the Commission.

Approval of Election Judges

The Council unanimously approved resolution 38-2013 approving the judges and alternate judge selected to serve for the Special Municipal Election in the City of Black Hawk on November 5, 2013. Appointed judges will be Lynnette Hailey, Thomas Gish, and Larry Linker with Terry Peterson appointed as an alternate judge. City Clerk Magno requested that the election judges’ pay for this election be raised to $200 for what was expected to be an all-day event.

Show of Support for Gilpin County School District RE-1

In a show of support for the Gilpin County School District RE-1, the Council unanimously passed Resolution 39-2013. The School District is seeking to increase their mill levy 1.629 mills and reduce it to approximately 6.274 mills proportionate to the increase in the City’s Education Enhancement Tax. Resolution 39-2013 states that this is in keeping with the City’s desire to maintain an overall low tax burden for the benefit of the residents and businesses alike.

City Manager’s Report

City Manager Jack Lewis provided the Council with a balanced 2014 proposed budget, calling it the “skinniest budget the council has looked at in a long time.” Lewis noted that this budget did not have a lot of the capital improvement projects that previous budgets had in, and that the City’s revenue was flat while expenses continue to increase. The result, according to Lewis, is that money for capital improvements and debt had to be diverted to operations. Lewis noted the City’s budget workshop would be slated for November.

Executive Session

The Council then moved into executive session to seek counsel regarding some pending legislation.

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