Noxious session for Central City Council

Public utility access and weed control on agenda

By David Josselyn

Call to Order

  The Central City Council Meeting of April 2nd was called to order at 6:59 by Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Spain.  Mayor Ron Engels was absent. 

Consent Agenda

  The consent agenda included the regular bills list and the council minutes of the March 19th meeting.  No objections were made so Alderman Shirley Voorhies moved to approve and Alderman Glo Gaines seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Getting into the weeds

  City Attorney Marcus McAskin opened with the second reading of Ordinance 13-04: adopting a noxious weed management plan and regulating the growth of weeds.  Previously, noxious weed management within the City was addressed through an intergovernmental agreement with Clear Creek County which is scheduled to terminate June 30 of this year.  Colorado State Law requires municipalities to adopt a noxious weed management plan for all property within the City and to govern the management, control, elimination, and disposal of noxious weeds.  Ordinance 13-04 will move the responsibility to Central City.  Costs related to mitigation of noxious weeds are ultimately the responsibility of the landowner violating the regulations.  Violators of the ordinance will incur a fee covering the cost of mitigation plus 10 percent for administrative costs.  If fees are not paid, the ordinance authorizes the City to record a statement of lien with the Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder.  Alderman Gaines moved to adopt the ordinance and Alderman Voorhies seconded.  The ordinance passed unanimously.

Access to Water Valves

  The reading of Ordinance 13-05:  An ordinance amending certain provision of Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code concerning municipal utilities; specifically regulations pertaining to the city water system, was again handled by City Attorney McAskin along with recommendation for passage.  The ordinance will define the responsibility for keeping clear access to the corporation stop located curbside on a property to the property owner.  The corporation stop is a valve that the city can use to shut off water to a property should the need arise.  Concerned citizen Barb Lissman of West 6th High Street queried the council on how she would know where the curb box is that contains the corporation stop.  Utilities Superintendent Griffith responded by instructing to look around the curb of your property for a lid about one and half feet in diameter.  However, every property has a different set up, so Griffith ultimately recommended calling the City to verify the specific location of your property.  Alderman Gaines asked the superintendent to clarify what ‘keeping it clean’ meant.  Griffith confirmed that ‘keeping it clean’ means keeping access available to City Maintenance.  The motion was moved to be adopted by Alderman Gaines and seconded by Alderman Voorhies.  The ordinance passed unanimously.

Staff Updates

  City Manager Alan Lanning wished to elucidate that the lunch purchase on the debit card for $176.39 was in fact only $17.39.  Lanning then expounded on the city pond excavation by assuring the council that it does not include any chemical treatment, there is no danger of contamination downstream, and the project will finish this week.  He added that the project will provide a better habitat for wildlife and the pond will be restocked once it fills.

  The City Manager also exclaimed that the bus shelters that were recently removed will be replaced soon.  They were initially removed for safety concerns.

  Operations Director Kisselman confirmed that May 18th is scheduled for large item pick-up and that there will be flyers distributed outlining instructions and costs for residents.

  Alderman Glo Gaines reported that she spoke to Mayor Ron Engels and he is doing well.  She went on to say that she is researching the new state gun laws and how they will impact the City.  Alderman Gaines also stated that she will be looking into the new legislation being debated on how gaming money is to be divided.

  Alderman Shirley Voorhies reported that the annual Easter Egg Hunt went well, although a little muddy.

  Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Spain advised everyone to keep their positive thoughts on Mayor Ron Engels because, “I don’t like doing this.”

Plan Ahead

  The next Central City Council meeting will be Tuesday, April 16th.

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