Nick Ferguson, a Director with US Airways

Gilpin Graduate and Navy Officer

By Terrel Ferguson

Many of our community knew Nick Ferguson, who graduated from Gilpin County High School on May 27, 1983. Following graduation, he obtained a management job with a video distribution company in Salt Lake City, UT, which gave him the flexible hours needed to also attend Weber College near Salt Lake. He eventually moved to Phoenix, AZ and started working for America West Airlines, which later became known as US Airways.

Ferguson joined the Navy Reserves while continuing to work for the airlines, and was called up to serve one tour in Desert Storm, and later two tours in Afghanistan with Enduring Freedom. After his return, he passed the physical and mental tests required to receive the Chief Petty Officer rating. He later became one of the few who gained the title of Senior Chief Petty Officer, one of the highest appointments awarded to an enlisted sailor.

Now a Director with US Airways, Ferguson is working on the merger of US Airways and American Airlines. As a graduate of Gilpin High School, the opportunities provided there helped guide him through his outlook and respect for this great country we are so lucky to live in.

I’m proud to be his father!

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