Newspapers host Gilpin County election forum

election_MeetCandidatesMeet the Gilpin County Commissioner Candidates

The local election forum on the future of Gilpin County’s governing body of Commissioners will take place in Gilpin County on Saturday, October 1, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Gilpin Community Center. The participation of all interested parties – Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, independents is encouraged.
The goal is to ensure that as many Gilpin residents as possible have a chance to hear from each of the six County Commissioner candidates on critically important topics which will affect our community for years to come. They will state their qualifications, what they see as needed by leadership and how they can provide that, and why they should win your vote regardless of political party affiliation.
There are many questions where we need community involvement. Our public election forum is nonpartisan and open to every resident who cares about keeping government accountable through fair elections and a representative for their district that gives everyone a voice.

We are giving our readers and community an opportunity to ask questions they have for the candidates ahead of time and submit those to the publishers over the next two weeks, and to establish some forum ground rules. Please submit your questions with topics that are county-related and we will compile and ask the candidates the top three questions received at the forum.

Forum structure:

  1. Each Commissioner candidate will have five minutes of uninterrupted time to introduce themselves and why they should be elected.
  2. Moderators will ask each local candidate the same three questions submitted by readers/community with 2-3 minutes to respond.
  3. Candidates will draw names and be allowed to ask one other candidate a question with 2-3 minutes to respond.
  4. Summary: Each candidate will have five minutes to give their closing speech.


There will be six candidates: Craig Holmes (R), Ron Engels (D), Steve Boulter (I) for District 1 Commissioner; and Gail Watson (D), Rebecca Shirey (R) and Doug Lupo (I) for District 3 Commissioner.

Saturday, October 1st, 1-4 pm
Gilpin County Community Center
250 Norton Drive, Black Hawk CO 80422
Moderators: Aaron Storms (Weekly Register-Call) and John Scarffe (The Mountain-Ear)
Please submit candidate questions to Aaron Storms at 303-582-0133 (, or Barbara Hardt at 303-810-5409 ( over the next two weeks.

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