Mustang Mike

Pursuing a passion for over 40 years

By Mike Peery

While still in high school, in the late ‘70’s, I was looking for my first car. One day, while driving my dad’s ’58 Chevy truck, I saw a yellow car with a black top sitting in a nearby 7-11 parking lot, with a For Sale sign in the window. Even though I didn’t know what a 1965 Mustang was and $1,750 was a lot of money in 1979, the car caught my eye. I loved it right away and knew I had to have it.

With the exception of the paint, I have done all my own restoration work. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed belonging to the Early Mustang Club, with many driving events and car shows. One of the early shows, I participated in, was the Horsefeathers show in Central City on August 9, 1981. It’s called Horsefeathers because both the early Mustang (horse) cars and the thunderbird (feathers) cars participate. This show is still held the second weekend in August, in different locations. It would be nice to have another Mustang show in Central City.

Publisher’s Note

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