Mmmm… a new bistro comes to town

Black Hawk Bean & Cream coffee shop opens for business

by Lisa L. Lopez

“We’re bringing the local spot back to the locals”, says Chris Burschi, son of owner John Burschi and part-time teammate for Black Hawk Bean & Cream, the new coffee, sandwich, and ice cream shop located at 135 Clear Creek St. at the very east end of the building right next to Eagle’s Mart. It’s really a dream come true for John, a longtime resident who always wanted a place of his own in hopes to contribute to the small community.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as it was a friend of his who informed him the previous owners were selling. Immediately, he jumped at the opportunity, and before he knew it he was the latest proprietor of a business with loads of potential to be a great success in the area. By mid-January they were at it. Deep cleaning nooks, crannies, and corners that hadn’t seen a rag in years, planning menus, deciding on the who, what, and where, while adding some of their own flair to the space.

Prior to his latest adventure, John spent nearly 28 years as a poker dealer for the casinos. “It paid the bills, but I knew over the last few years I was never going to retire, and I would die dealing cards if I continued.” He tried several businesses including windshield repair and tree service for beetle kill, but none that really took off and allowed him to walk away from his full time job.

He was lucky enough this time around to hire Dave Besser, a friend of his who has years of experience in the restaurant business, with Bean & Cream being the sixth he has managed. “I’d love to sit here and say this is my shop, but it’s not. I wouldn’t be here without Dave, or without Chris. I wouldn’t have made it and would probably be in the hospital for stress”, says John in a comical yet sincere tone.

He has no desire to compete with the casinos, but simply wants to provide a place for locals to come and have a cup of coffee and a sandwich. A kind of gathering place. Though Eagles Mart is right next door, they are working together instead of trying to compete with each other. As the name says, they offer coffee, breakfast sandwiches with ham, bacon, egg, and cheese, a variety of deli sandwiches, and a good list of soft drinks and other beverages. And to top it off, ice cream, which they hope will be a big attraction! The hours will be Monday – Friday from 6:45 am – 7:00 pm, and will also be open Saturday and Sunday. He hopes the extended hours will bring in early morning employees on their way to work, or for some on their way home, along with a convenient stop for weekenders.

They spent a few months visiting small town coffee shops throughout the state in order to find the best coffee they could offer their future customers. Their first two picks not being feasible, they settled on Allegro coffee and also tea. John has not been shy about asking questions and seeking out advice from those that have experience in the right areas. He credits one of his sisters for the name and logo for Black Hawk Bean & Cream, and another sister for the cow painting and curtains that you can’t miss when you walk in. They’re a fine fit for the variety of ice cream flavors offered on the menu. They also have seating for 15 provided by the rustic

log tables and chairs inside.

Goals for the first year include paying down some of the start-up costs, and making this shop a regular stop for many in the county. He’d like to have reached a point where they can stay consistently busy and create an atmosphere for his three full-time and two part-time employees to enjoy coming to work every day. Further down the road, John has goals for more community involvement such as donations, sponsorships for school sports, and even student scholarships as the school plays such a large role in the county.

According to John, he’s had great support from numerous business people, offering their good will and availability to him should he need anything.

John’s son Chris, home from spring break as a Business and Accounting major at Adam’s State in Alamosa, has been a big help in getting things going and will be back lending a hand this summer.

This is a well matched team that is committed to making this local eatery the real deal.

Due to the COVID-19 social distancing endeavor to keep everyone safe and healthy, please call them at 303-582-0306 and place your take-out order, and you can just drive up and they’ll bring it out to you. Be sure to check back in about a week and they’ll have their online ordering app available and website, where you can order and pay online, and they’ll provide a curbside pickup to your car.

Hopefully the home isolation and quarantine will pass soon, so the Grand Opening has been pushed out to Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25th so that everyone will be able to stop in for the fun and food!

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