McMillan announces candidacy

For Gilpin County Assessor

I, Daurice McMillan am proud to announce my candidacy for Gilpin County Assessor. I bring twelve years of experience as the Chief Deputy Assessor for Gilpin County, plus two years of experience working in the Treasurer’s office.

Gilpin is a small, busy, and exciting county. As a Colorado native, raised in the Golden/ Arvada area, I visited a family cabin regularly, property where my brother now lives. I remember stopping at the Nifty Nook and what Black Hawk and Central City once were. Shortly after I started working for the county in 2004, I decided I wanted to live here. I finished building my house in northern Gilpin about 12 years ago and am very happy I made that decision.

As Chief Deputy Assessor, I was responsible for creating and delivering value information to the Colorado Department of Property Taxation, Gilpin County Taxing Authorities, the Treasurer’s office, Commissioners, and property owners. I created and delivered all reports to individuals and private businesses. I made sure all state mandated deadlines were met with accurate information.

In the day to day office activity I helped customers, and created policy, procedures and instructions on various jobs within the office. I processed abatements, tracked protests, completed Boundary Line Exemption & Boundary Line Adjustment requests. I may have helped you at the counter or on the phone when you called with a question. I worked daily with the appraisal staff and was the go-to person for all Tyler appraisal program issues. I was also the Secretary of the Tyler User Group, addressing problems and concerns in Colorado Assessor offices.

I made a choice to run for Assessor and chose to apply for a position in the Treasurer’s office to make it possible. In April of 2015, I was hired as Tax Representative for the Gilpin County Treasurer. Working in the Treasurer’s office has given me an understanding of how closely the two offices must be aligned. The Treasurer and Assessor must, with confidence, depend on accurate information and understand what each office requires. Success depends on a very close relationship between the two offices. There should be a similar relationship between the Assessor and Clerk & Recorder. I have that relationship within the county. I also understand the importance of that same relationship towards the private sector and the value of accurate and timely information being available to property owners and businesses.

The staff in the Assessor’s office is knowledgeable and experienced, but they lack a leader. As Assessor, I will bring a great work ethic to the day to day operations of the office. I will help the public and advise employees as necessary from day one. I will work for the office and therefore the property owners of Gilpin County – present and future. I will be a positive working member treating customers fairly, equally and respectfully.

I make a commitment to residents and all property owners to actively work as Assessor. I will be a guide where there are questions, a leader always, and use my knowledge and experience for Gilpin County and its property owners.

I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have at

I humbly ask for your support when you vote in the November election. I have the knowledge and experience to serve Gilpin County. Vote for Daurice McMillan as Assessor.

Thank you for your time, interest and support.

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