Marijuana cultivators request to relocate in mid-Gilpin

County Commissioners support State investment in rural communities

By Randy Beaudette

After a brief technical delay, Gilpin County Board Commissioners Ron Engels Gail Watson, and Linda Isenhart, and were greeted with a full and varied agenda for the regular Commissioners meeting that took place on Tuesday February 20, 2018 at Central City Hall. To assist with the tasks at hand were County Manager Leslie Klusmire, County Attorney Jim Petrock, and Deputy Clerk to the Board Sharon Cate. After the agenda review there was time allotted for public and press comment.

Public Comment

County resident Jim Gantzer request the Gilpin County Commissioners look into some possible illegal activities. A neighboring property in the subdivision has been either storing camping units or is providing an area for several campers to reside. The Commissioners advised Gantzer to meet with Community Development Director Stephen Strohminger, who was also present at the Commissioners meeting, to launch an investigation into the activities.

County Treasurer’s Report

Gilpin County Treasurer Alynn Huffman presented the end of month Treasurer’s report for the month January 2018. Early property tax numbers are down slightly, but the Total Cash balance continues to climb to over $15.6 million dollars. Huffman advised the Commissioners that the Wells Fargo Savings account will be closed this month due to low interest and funds will be placed in the County checking account. After February the Savings account line will not appear. Nothing else to report on this early in the year.

Chairman Ron Engels opened the Public Hearing portion of the meeting at 9:15 am.

Board of Adjustment

Gilpin County Planner Danial Horn presented a Boundary Line Adjustments (BLA) to the Board of Commissioners. BLA# 17-07 located 297 Quartz Road on behalf of applicant Ian Gibbs. The parcel is owned by the Gibbs which will permit the continuation of a metal workshop/ garage which was inadvertently located 21.8 feet from the west property line. County code requires a 30 foot setback for building construction on residential property zoned RS. Earlier, the permitted structure was approved with a 31 foot setback. Upon completion of the foundation and an additional survey, it was found that the location was off by almost 9 feet. All other options for this oversight are cost prohibitive except the BLA which also includes an After-the-Fact punitive deterrent fee. Gilpin County Commissioners approved BLA # 17-07 unanimously.

Special Use Review

Gilpin County Planner Danial Horn presented an application for a Special Use Review (SUR) that will permit a marijuana cultivation facility as permitted per Ordinance #17-01. The applicants, Colorado Gold LLC, requested that they relocate their retail marijuana cultivation facility to 130 Jankowski in mid-Gilpin County. As usual, water is the biggest issue for a facility such as this. The applicants Cole Caldwell and Nels Fymbo pointed out the parcel is shared by a car wash which has a permitted commercial well which allots 2,880 gallons a day. The carwash uses an average 220 gallons per day leaving 2,660 gallons available for the facility. County Attorney Jim Petrock asked if the applicants applied for a water use study and did they have an Augmentation Plan for this facility? The applicants responded that they have not initiated a study nor do they have an Augmentation Plan. With that, the Commissioners voted for a continuation of SUR # 17-01 to be presented at the March 13, 2018 meeting. Chairman Ron Engels closed the Public Hearing and open the Commissioners regular meeting at 9:51 am.

Request for Special Designation

Gilpin County Deputy Clerk Sharon Cate requests that the Gilpin County Commissioners consider a special designation of “Director Emeritus” for outgoing Gilpin County Historical Commission (HAC) President Rick Newman. The special designation would allow Newman to continue his work gathering video interviews from long-time Gilpin residents for history purposes. HAC members voted on January 11, 2018 to recommend that the Commissioners grant the special status. County Attorney Jim Petrock advised that no special designation exists, but that Newman could continue the “Oral History Project” as an unpaid volunteer. Newman stated that under this Special status, he can raise funds for equipment and materials needed to pursue this important work. The Commissioners all agreed that this is important work and that it must be carried out as soon as possible to preserve what oral history Gilpin County has left. They voted and approved to grant the special status “Director Emeritus” to Rick Newman.

Local Landmark Designation  

Gilpin County Commissioners approved Resolution 18-01 and 18-02 designating two cabins at 104 and 114 Redtail Road as Local Historical Landmarks. The cabins were built around 1900 and were slated for demolition in March of 2017 by the landowners. Gilpin Commissioners rejected the demo request and proceeded to purchase the properties for an eventual Local Historical Landmark designation. This action has been almost a year in the making, but through hard work by the Gilpin County Historical preservation Advisory Commission and Gilpin County officials these historic dwelling will not be lost forever to progress. A big County thank you goes out to all involved.

2018 Reauthorization Effort

  Gilpin County Commissioners approved a reauthorization letter of support for HB1190 titled “Colorado Job Creation and Main Street Revitalization Act.

A little background: The Commercial Historic Preservation Tax Credit was established in 2014 following the passage of HB14-1311 with overwhelming bipartisan support. The tax credit set aside $10 million dollars annually for large and small projects. The credit is aimed at spurring investment in communities throughout the state with a specific portion for small projects that ensures that rural communities are well represented. The program is jointly administered by History Colorado and the Office for Economic Development and International Trade. The program is on track to leverage the full amount of $10 million dollars in 2018 due to gained interest from rural communities. Gilpin County is one of many rural counties that support this effort. The Reauthorization letter simply formalizes this support.

US Forest Service Patrol Agreement

Gilpin County Sheriff Bruce Hartman presented an agreement between Gilpin County Sheriff’s office and the U.S. Forest Service. The agreement states that Gilpin County Sheriff’s office will provide patrol and law enforcement services on government owned Forest Service Property at an annual cost of $8,100 to the Federal government. This agreement also includes a little over $2,000 for equipment maintenance, upkeep, purchases, and/or equipment rental. The Commissioners agreed that this is a needed service in the backwoods and approved the agreement.

County Attorney Report 

County Attorney Jim Petrock reported that a certain landowner in the Lincoln Hills subdivision has been cited repeatedly to clean up their property. As of yet there has been little or no resolution to this issue. The case has been filed in Gilpin County Court, and the defendant has been summoned to court. Trial will be set in the next couple of days if the property owners don’t settle this matter and comply with the zoning regulations.       

County Commissioner’s Status Report

The County Commissioner’s listed several meetings that they personally had to attend over the next month or so, but one in particular stood out as being of interest to our readers. Colorado House District 13 Representative K.C. Becker will meet with Gilpin County residents at a Town Hall on March 13, 2018 from 6-8 pm at the Gilpin County Library, which is located at 15131 Highway 119, mid-Gilpin County.

Fire Mitigation Loan/ Subsidy Program Review

County Manager Leslie Klusmire presented the review of the Mitigation program to the Commissioners. It consists of a program that has a $25,000 line item on the 2018 budget whereas the county will provide one third of the cost to homeowners for fire mitigation. The second portion is paid by a state grant, with the final third portion being supplied by the homeowner. In the case of low income households this county money may be a subsidy; in the case of higher income homes this may be a loan and must be paid back to the County. Right now the County is in the early stages of this process. The cut-off between low and high income has not been established nor has it been determined if this is a loan or subsidy program. The only fact about this fledgling program that has been established with any degree of certainty is that these funds will be paid directly to the contractor and not to the homeowner. For more updated information visit the CSU Extension website at: or call the Extension office at 303-582-9106.

County Manager’s Report

County Manager Leslie Klusmire presented a brief report to the Commissioners on the current status of County wide activities.

Courthouse renovations are moving along smoothly. Group B will be back in their offices soon and Group C will move to the Commissioners meeting room around March 5th.

Offers were sent out to candidates for the New Human Services Director.

Interviews are still being conducted for the new Parks & Recreation Director.

Proposals went out to renovate the hot water recirculation system at the Justice Center. Justice Center roof issues are on hold until the hot water system is repaired.

Lots of activities are in the works throughout the County.

Approval of the Minutes

Gilpin County Board of Commissioners approved the Meeting Minutes with no correction or edits from the February 6, 2018 regular meeting.

Gilpin Commissioners went into Executive Session at 11:55 am.

Next Meeting

The next regular meeting will be March 13, at 9:00 am at the Central City Hall located at 141 Nevada St. Central City, Colorado.

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