Lorenz announces candidacy

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For Gilpin County Treasurer

I am Mary Lorenz and I would like to announce that I am a candidate running for the Gilpin County Treasurer and Public Trustee in the November General Election.

I moved to Central City in 1971 as a child, where we lived in a house in Central City that had been owned by my great grandmother. My mom, Peggy Palmer, worked for the City of Central in the finance office for over 20 years. I graduated from Clear Creek High School in 1977, because at that time there was no High School in Gilpin County. I moved away for a time and moved back in 1991 to help take care of my mom. I soon realized that this is where I wanted to live and raise my family. I am married to Tony and have four children. The oldest, Jessica lives in Grand Junction with her husband and two children. The oldest son, Anthony, lives in Wyoming with his wife and son. Next oldest, Eryk, is a sophomore at Colorado School of Mines, and our youngest, Will, is a senior at Gilpin County High School. All will have graduated from Gilpin County High School.

I am very involved in Gilpin County in many different aspects. I have been a member of the School’s District Accountability Committee since 2007 and am currently Co-Chair. I was on the Gilpin County Fair Committee from 2006 – 2015. I have been the Treasurer for the Alan Green Memorial Foundation since 2011. I have been the Treasurer for the Gilpin County School Booster Club since 2015. I was the Secretary for the Gilpin County Little League from 2011-2013. I have been a volunteer at the Ermel’s Thrift Store in the past.

I worked for the Gilpin County School District office from 1991 until 2002 as the Business Manager. I worked under the Superintendent and was responsible for all finances including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and helping prepare the budget. In 2002 I left the school for new challenges and opportunities and went to work for Alynn Huffman in the Gilpin County Treasurer/ Public Trustee Office. I have been the Chief Deputy Treasurer and Deputy Public Trustee since 2003. When Alynn is away from the office, I am in charge and oversee the two other employees in the office. I do the daily banking, assist with End of Day deposit, process Treasurer’s Deeds, End of Month Balancing, disbursements to authorities, Clerk & Recorders report to the State, Foreclosures, and Deed of Trust Releases. I also research issues departments or citizens may have. I helped create a Standard Operating Procedures guide for the office with Alynn. We have worked side by side updating office policies and procedures. In the last three years, we have been upgrading technology in the office with financial budgeting from the Commissioners. The final piece is the Tax Collection System which is in process now. I am in charge of making sure that all data is transferred from the old system to the new system correctly and making sure all the staff is well trained in the new system. We chose this new system as it is the same software company that both the County Assessor and the County Clerk & Recorder’s offices use, which will bring efficiency and cost savings to the citizens of Gilpin County. It will also help our office communicate better with other County departments.

The job of the Treasurer’s office is not only to collect property taxes, business and personal taxes, but we also collect, deposit and disburse all county funds. When you pay money to county departments such as Public Works, Solid Waste, Community Center, etc., the money is deposited with our office. We have day to day contact with all departments and taxpayers and I believe that customer service is very important. The Treasurer is responsible for all taxpayer’s money. This is a huge responsibility and not one I believe just anyone should be trusted with.

The Public Trustee’s office handles releasing your deeds of trust when you pay off your mortgage and foreclosures. These are both very important events that may happen in people’s lives and need to be handled by a knowledgeable individual. I am that person and have had the responsibility for these duties for the last three years, working closely with attorney offices, banks, and homeowners. I am the go-between person for attorneys and the public.

The Treasurer and Public Trustee are ruled by Colorado State Statutes. These are laws written by our legislatures and the office must follow them, potentially change every year. The Treasurer must also follow Gilpin County policies instituted by the County Commissioners. The Treasurer must keep current on all these statutes and policies. I know these statutes and policies, how to research them, and how to utilize them. I also have a strong working relationship with other Treasurer’s offices throughout the state, and attend conferences and seminars held throughout the year keeping up to date on the new laws and best practices and procedures.

I will work for you, the citizens of Gilpin County. There is no political agenda. In this office it does not matter if the Treasurer is a Republican, Democrat, or Independent as they cannot make any promises or changes in State Statutes or County Policies.

I have enjoyed working for the current treasurer the last 15 years. She is retiring, and I am ready to step in as Treasurer and Public Trustee. As Alynn puts it, she has been grooming me to be the next Gilpin County Treasurer and Public Trustee.

There will be no training period – just a smooth transition when I’m elected as the County Treasurer on January 2, 2019. The office will continue to run as smoothly as it has the 15 years I have worked there.

I would ask for your vote in the General Election as your next Gilpin County Treasurer and Public Trustee.

For more information about me or my campaign, please visit my website at You can also contact me at, or call me at 720-608-6448 with any questions.

Thank you, Mary Lorenz.

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