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Experienced Personal Care Providers McLaughlin and Freeman Retire

By John Peretz

Seniors’ Resource Center, the Denver area’s largest nonprofit dedicated to senior services, will soon bid farewell to two very experienced personal care providers as they move on to their next adventures in life.

Kelly McLaughlin has been in caregiving since 1972, but is leaving the chilly winters of Central City to move to warmer weather for the winters. He’ll be back in the summers to work with his wife Teri on their jewelry-making business.

“I wanted to have a job where I really could make a difference, and not have a long commute down to Denver,” said Kelly. “I had the flexibility of working part-time and be minutes away from those that I help. SRC treats their workers really well. Before SRC, I worked for people who often gave me rubber paychecks, and I didn’t know when I’d get paid.”

Lisa Freeman of Georgetown is moving to spend time with her sibling, who is battling an illness in the New England area.

“I came to Colorado to be a ski bum for a year,” explained Lisa. “But I stayed for 19 years because I loved the Colorado lifestyle. But it’s time for me to take care of my family.” Lisa is one of SRC’s most dedicated personal care providers, who goes out of her way to help her clients, and loves what she does.

Both Lisa and Kelly work with clients near where they live. The mountain areas are often underserved, and personal care providers with SRC can work part-time and really make an impact in their communities. They do a variety of non-medical services, such as light house cleaning, laundry, meal prep, and run errands.

Deb Brickman of SRC in Evergreen oversees the mountain area program and is looking for caring individuals to become personal care providers. “Lisa and Kelly have been fabulous to work with, and we’ll really miss them, but we wish them well in their next chapters,” said Deb.

If you are interested in becoming a personal care provider in Central City, Idaho Springs, Dumont, Georgetown, or Evergreen, please contact Deb Brickman at 720-236-1175.

SRC is also looking for drivers in the Evergreen area, both for paid and volunteer positions. In 2018, more than 770 individuals volunteered for SRC, many of whom are seniors interested in giving back in their communities.

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