Letters to the Editor

CarlotaSaez_exchangestudentDear Editor,

My name is Carlota Sáez Aymerich. I am an exchange student from Spain and this year I have come to Gilpin County through International Experience.

I just really wanted to thank this whole community for making this year one of the best experiences of my life.

When my parents told me that I was coming to the US, I got so scared and nervous about how it would be to live so far from home. But when I got here, I felt welcomed by my host family and friends. They made me feel like I had been living here my whole life.

This letter is not just for my host family, but for everyone who has helped me through this great journey.

To the school staff; teachers, coaches, thank you for helping me learn more and more every day. And to my friends, thank you for being there whenever I needed no matter what.

Also I want to thank the King family for letting me into their house and for allowing to be part of their family.

To finish I want to thank my host family for taking care of me and providing everything that I needed in order to make my time here enjoyable. I couldn’t have asked for a better host family! Thank you so much!

I know that when I leave in June, I will not be saying goodbye to just a host family. I will just say “See you later” to my new lifelong friends and second family since I am sure we will see each other again soon.

Thank you Gilpin County, again, for this amazing year.

See you later!

Carlota Sáez Aymerich



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