Jeremy Fey for Central City Mayor

Big plans for promoting the city

PRESS RELEASE – Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of family and faith. I’ve been in Central since February 2017 and already have several accomplishments to my name. I serve on the board of Gilpin Arts, revived the Jazz Festival with Central Jazz, and brought Denver Adventures and their Zip Lines to our town. I hope you enjoyed the Plein Air Arts Festival which I helped produced in proud partnership with the Opera House Association and Gilpin Arts. Pleased to meet you; Jeremy Fey is my name, and being the Mayor of the City of Central is the nature of my aim.

Why Jeremy Fey? To start with, I have a plan! A plan to place Central City on the world stage for arts, entertainment, and hospitality. I will encourage further developments necessary for the sustainability of Central, from infrastructure to services, and from hotels to mixed density residential along the parkway. At all times I am committed to keeping the scope and charm of our beautiful historic district intact.

I believe all of this can happen in an approach starting with the vacant buildings in our historic core. We hope to fill these beautiful buildings with galleries, eateries, venues, studios and artist residences where artists can perform and create events and atmosphere.

These artists in residence will be at three stages of their careers; students attending the Central City Arts Academy, professional artists in residence in the historic commercial district, and legacy stage artists that will be in residence a month or more at a time and serving as the visiting Deans of a new Central City Arts Academy.

The arts curated and incubated through this multi-tiered residency program will span all mediums, and the Academy will be comprised of five schools; Culinary, Industrial, Digital, Visual, and Performance. The professional artists will be selected through a juried process in conjunction with the Gilpin Arts Association. Finally, the legacy stage artists will be solicited from a group of musicians who my father, Barry Fey, worked with and in some cases was instrumental in the success of their careers

The above is a basic summary of what I hope to do in Central professionally, but I think it’s equally important that you know who I am. As such, you should know that I absolutely adore my wonderful wife Aidarfa (Aida) and that she is an inspiration to me at every turn in life. We have a button of a two year old named Aliah and another baby on the way! My mom, Cynthia, has always been the guiding light of love and care in my life while my father, Barry, exemplified courage, charisma and commitment. My three brothers and sister-in-law, Alan and Andrea, Geoffry, and Tyler, are sometimes tolerable, and my three nieces my ever-joys.

Important character traits to me that I always strive to emulate are; honesty, accountability, timeliness, and generosity. My favorite quote is, “All that you have to take with you when it is all said and done, is that which you have given.” (author unknown) My favorite people are those who choose to focus on the positive in everyone and everything.

The voters of Central City should know that I personally enjoy, like, and respect our current Mayor, Kathy Heider, and that she does a good job in representing the best interests of Central. She is smart, kind, honest and has a great sense of humor! I know in my heart that I am uniquely capable of leading Central into a great new chapter in a remarkable history.

Contact me with any and all thoughts, questions, and concerns you may have about the City of Central or my candidacy. I can be reached at, Jeremy Fey for Mayor on Facebook, and a knock on my door at 202 W 6th High Street.

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