How fast can you go on the Central City Parkway?

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race_0017That’s up to you and your car’s ability!

By Aaron Storms

Billed by promoter PIT Rally as the “Fastest Road in the Rockies,” drivers and spectators gathered on Sunday, August 14th to see who had what it took to turn in the fastest times over the 8 mile long uphill course.

This is the third year to put on this event, and it gets better every year with better transportation and communication with spectators, and includes cool “cruise and shine” cars parked at vendor booths on Main Street, along with the cars waiting their turn to race, food vendors, and a great band to rock the soul.

If you are looking for an incredible 4-lane road in the mountains with turns and straights to really push your sports car, the Parkway is it – but of course it’s normally not closed to traffic and open for racing, so this is a unique opportunity once a year to plop down $300 and race as many times as you can from 10 am – 7 pm.

The course starts at I-70 at the Central City welcome sign, and finishes at the top across from the KOA Campgrounds. There was plenty of parking and transportation provided by the PIT Rally team, and everyone had a good view from the guardrail with camping chairs and coolers to kick back and enjoy the racing.

At the end of the high-speed racing, the crowd favorite drifters came out and put on a great show, drifting both up and down from town under the Virginia Canyon bridge, burning up lots of rubber and demonstrating great control of their cars to avoid the barriers.

For those who still didn’t have enough fun, the casinos were hosting after-parties for the drivers and spectators.

Personally, I had a great time hanging out with fellow gearhead friends, enjoying the sunny day, racing, checking out great cars, and seeing old friends. I hope the City continues to support this event and that it’s worth the inconvenience for those who found the Parkway closed for a few hours.

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