How are the Gilpin High Seniors faring?

Coping with the new “normal” during this once in a lifetime pandemic

By Esmee Halsted

With school canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many seniors feel discouraged. Graduation and all other senior activities were cancelled this year along for all high schools across the nation. Senior year is a special experience and a new age for many high school students. With a graduating class of 33, Gilpin seniors are completing courses via online school, but many are still mourning the loss of activities celebrating their senior year. Let’s check in with Gilpin senior Bailey Hobson-Kroll.

As far as online school goes, “School hasn’t been bad at all. The teachers have been really supportive and organized and things have run really smoothly,” said Bailey.

Although school is going well for Bailey, many seniors feel like their futures are uncertain. Bailey, who plans to attend CU- Denver in August has a few concerns. “Covid-19 only increased the unknown and the nervous feelings of entering college.” Since orientation for college is now online, she explained the new online format. “Although we did talk to advisors and other students through the computer conferencing sessions, it doesn’t really feel like we’ve been in real contact with anyone yet.”

Now that senior activities are cancelled, Bailey feels that she lost her senior trip and graduation. Still, the seniors are optimistic for the future. “We are hoping to have graduation in August and if the restrictions are lifted, the seniors are hoping to get together over the summer,” explained Bailey.

Bailey is especially grateful for the community support. “At first I was upset, but all of the support from the community has really helped us all feel better.” She goes on to explain, “I think most seniors have accepted that our senior year will not be normal.”

Despite all the stress with Covid and the cancellations, Bailey is doing well. “My mental health is good. I haven’t been feeling stressed nearly at all, and I have enjoyed myself online. It was almost nice making such a big change in my life.”

Congratulations Seniors and we look forward to seeing your path forward despite the current struggles.

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