Hot Spell Concert and BBQ

A Fun Community Event at Christ the King

By Jaclyn Schrock

Free BBQ was one of the attractions with over 10 pounds each of pork loin, and pork shoulder from Roy’s Last Shot, burgers, brats and ribs, with all the fixins, sides, and desserts. Hot Spell’s versatile range of live music had everyone singing along or dancing to the talented rhythms and harmonies.

Smelling BBQ, feeling the warmth of summer, hearing the country, blues, jazz and favorite rock sounds, seeing the smiling faces reflecting God’s wondrously green beautiful world and tasting the great food, made for a full and complete mid-day of sharing the finest of mountain living with neighbors and friends.

Front and center was a white canopy over the band and more blue ones over the hundred chairs and some picnic tables. Those did protect everyone and the electronics from the rain and hail that sent most indoors to eat.

The church family celebration for the fifth year in their own building across from the fairgrounds is always open to the whole community. The first year was the grand opening of the church building, followed by a 4th of July celebration each year.

This year Christ the King’s (CTK) annual BBQ Celebration with Hot Spell brought back our beloved Gilpin music teacher, Gary Haarbye. His bass and vocals provide a distinctive rhythmic foundation setting for the band. Two of his former music students share their amazing musical talents regularly with our praise band on guitar and drums.

Hot Spell

Gary Haarbye has a long history of great band performances and recording through his career, as well as an artistic and musical inspiration to many youth in our county. Hot Spell has been the working band the last five years. Play it Forward was five years before that with a jazz emphasis. He left New York after playing with Whisper in the 70’s. Arriving in Colorado he played with Recess, then Shell Shock named for the lead singer Shelly. This was a Motly Crew image with spandex and street signs on the stage saying Rock, and Hard Place, recognizing being stuck between the two. Next was Evil Twin, an original boogie sound, not a jam band. Miooenium was the band offered a contract for two albums in a year, but their agent wouldn’t let them sign, so they ended up dissolving.

Ronnie Froshch, lead guitar has amazing talent and variety of sounds. Ronnie and Gary have been playing together for over 15 years, between Hot Spell, Play it Forward, and others. It is clear how well their talents are blended.

Together, Haarbye and Froshch have created a variety of sounds, including the complexities in syncopation of jazz. Some highlights included two highly successful fund raising efforts for Gilpin students who had health issues with price tags. One who had bone cancer is now coaching so happy to have recovered and made life touchable to others in a positive way. The other is still a young one growing healthier now.

In the last four years Janet Furnace joined Hot Spell, originally doing more jazz, as she developed her vocals with amazing quality and fine-tuned control of effects. She has been a percussionist and studied piano, so has recently blossomed into lead vocals. The selection of songs has been drawn from the responses of the audiences over the last few years.

The newest member is Randy Phillips on drums. His talents are recognized with just the right rhythms. He exquisitely finishes one song and leads right into the next without missing a beat.

A few of the songs presented in the two sets were: Come Together, Summer of ’69, Hard to Handle, Living on a Prayer, Tennessee Whiskey, Boot Scooting’ Boogie, Pink Houses, Hit mew/Your Best Shot, Tulsa Time, Smooth Criminal, Kiss, Brown Eyed Girl. There were more, and each had its own mark of Hot Spell ingenuity.

About Christ the King Community Church

Originally founded as the Gilpin Community Church, just shy of 20 years ago, they began meeting at the Gilpin Elementary School, then met in the log cabin behind the school. With a growing spirit of love for the community, they began offering the highly regarded AWANA program for the children. Later under the Washington based Christ the King ministry, they were able to acquire land and a metal building, providing the labor mostly internally. In July 2014 they moved into the newly constructed building at 971 Hwy 46.

A collection of community member’s effort has brought the building into being with amazing pine beetle interior. In the last year the cross was placed above the roof so that it can be seen as a light in the darkness of our mountain community. It is a gathering place for those who seek to know and worship Jesus as Lord and Savior through Bible teaching, meeting regularly there for the last five years. There is something going on most days of the week, for all ages.

If you missed the BBQ, you may wonder what makes this place so busy, and can check out the “cowboy church” at the Gilpin County Fair this coming Sunday. All are welcome – there is always a place for you!

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