High quality art at Unexpected Visions exhibit

Gilpin Arts new exhibit features ‘local’ artists

By David Josselyn

  Saturday, July 20th, was the grand opening of Gilpin Arts’ new exhibit above the Visitor’s Center titled ‘Unexpected Visions.’ The exhibit features works of six local artists from Denver, Littleton, Boulder and Gilpin counties. Photographs from married couple Russell and Gail Dohrmann adorned the walls of the gallery along with encaustic (wax and oil paint mix) pictures from Gilpin’s Micki Moss. Moss also contributed mixed media pendants. Paul Stafford’s unique wood carvings, often adorned with zippers, decorated the room. The glass works of Sharon Wallin added a modern feel, accompanied by Beth Roll’s off-center focal points of gemstone necklaces. Gail Dohrmann uses an infrared camera for a unique look in her photos and her husband, Russ, uses composite pictures and special effects to achieve unexpected results. Russ won a Gold Award from Black and White magazine for his piece “California Oak” which is hanging in the gallery. Paul Stafford’s work “Oliver Twist Can’t Do This” won a Niche Award in March; unfortunately, that piece is not available, but its predecessor, “Walnut Twist” is sitting on a stand in the Gilpin Visitor’s Gallery. Gilpin resident Micki Moss spent several years living outside of Manhattan, New York. Having been exposed to the best exhibits in the world, she describes the pieces featured in Unexpected Visions as being just as good, and even better than the galleries back east. Moss is continually impressed by the talent of local artists from Colorado that are exhibited by Gilpin Arts and encourages everyone to check it out.

  The Unexpected Visions exhibit will be on display through August 25th.

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