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Council corrects Sales Tax, updates 911 IGA and Traffic Codes

By Randy Beaudette

Gilpin County resident Geoffrey Gordon rang the bell to announce another session of the Black Hawk City Council regular meeting on May 8, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. Mayor Spellman called the Black Hawk City Council to order followed by Roll Call, then led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council members that were present: Aldermen Linda Armbright, Paul Bennett, Jim Johnson, Hal Midcap, Greg Moates, and Benito Torres. Also present were City Attorney Hilary Graham, City Manager Stephen Cole, Police Chief Kenneth Lloyd, City Clerk/ Administrative Services Director Melissa Greiner, Finance Director Lance Hillis, Public Works Director Tom Isbester, Planning and Development Administrator Cindy Linker, and Deputy City Clerk Michele Martin.

City Attorney Graham asked Council to declare any Conflicts of Interest on any issue appearing on the agenda other than those already disclosed and filed with the City Clerk and Secretary of State. There were no objections from the City Council or from the onlookers in the chambers.

Approval of minutes

Black Hawk City Council approved the minutes from the April 24, 2019 regular meeting with no corrections or amendments.


Sales Tax Rate Error Correction (CB9/ Ordinance 2019-9)

Black Hawk City Council approved Ordinance 2019-9, which is an Ordinance Amending Section 4-41(a) of the Black Hawk Municipal Code to Correct a Clerical Error Regarding the City’s Sales Tax Rate. A clerical error was recently discovered regarding the Sales Tax Rate in the Black Hawk Municipal Code. When the City adopted the Standardized Sales Tax Definitions, the Ordinance included the incorrect sales tax rate. This Ordinance simply corrects the Code to reflect the correct 4.50% Sales tax Rate

911 Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) Amendment (CB10/Ordinance 2019-10)

Ordinance 2019-10, an Ordinance approving the Second Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement for the Provision of the Emergency Telephone Service and establishment of the Gilpin County 911 Authority. The amendment is to change the authorization process for payments. The amendment updates how that name appears on vouchers for payment and requires the approval of one board member. Black Hawk City Council approved Ordinance 2019-10 unanimously.

Municipal Code Modificatiction

Black Hawk City Council also approved an amendment to Section 8-1 and Section 8-2 of Municipal Code, adopting the 2018 Model Traffic Code. Currently the City of Black Hawk utilizes the 2010 Model Traffic Code. The adoption of the 2018 Model Traffic Code will bring the City of Black Hawk’s traffic code in line with the current State traffic laws.


Delta Dental Contract (Resolution 25-2019)

City Council approved a resolution approving the contract with Delta Dental in the estimated amount of $107,711 for Group Dental Insurance. The City’s benefits broker, IMA of Colorado, worked with Delta Dental to re-categorize the City’s plan to a large group (due to increased staffing in 2019) which resulted in a decrease in premium of 8.2%. Staff budgeted for a 10% increase at renewal for plan year July 1, 2019– June 30, 2020. The estimated annual cost is based on current enrollment. The City has expressed interest in increasing the maximum benefit for dental coverage. The City will study the feasibility of moving from a fully-funded plan to a self-funded plan which will possibly result in further decreases in premium for 2020.

Kaiser Permanente Contract (Resolution 26-2019)

Administrative Services Director Melissa Greiner presented a resolution approving the contract with Kaiser Permanente in the estimated amount of $1,058,342 for Group Health Insurance. Kaiser Permanente (KP) presented a quote for health care coverage for the 2019-2020 year plan with a rate increase of 6.7% with no plan design changes except for legislatively mandated changes. The City budgeted for a 15% increase, which is the maximum rate increase KP can take under their rate capping guidelines. The quoted estimated annual cost is based on current enrollment. Current employer HSA/457 contributions will remain in place for the new plan year. The spousal surcharge/ incentive programs will also continue.


The Black Hawk City Council meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

Next Meeting

The next Black Hawk City Council meeting will be held May 22, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. located at 211 Church Street, Black Hawk, Colorado.

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