Hartman throws his hat in the ring

For Gilpin County Commissioner

It has been my honor to serve as your Gilpin County Sheriff for the last 25 years. During this time, I’ve successfully led an extraordinary group of individuals who commit their lives to protecting and serving our community. I actively participated in legislation aimed at bettering our community and navigated the demands that an every-growing community face. While being your Sheriff has been one of my proudest accomplishments, I believe my public service experience would best benefit our community in another way at this time. I am motivated to use my understanding of and commitment to Gilpin County to make the county the best it can be. It would be a privilege to serve as your next Gilpin County Commissioner. I do not take the decision to seek the office of County Commissioner in this upcoming election cycle lightly. I fully understand the challenges and goals that need to be addressed head on as our county continues to move forward. We need to examine ways to provide additional services for our community, make the best use of tax dollars, and wisely navigate the growth we are experiencing and continue to anticipate. As Sheriff, I made decisions based on established laws that were voted into place. I have received support and encouragement across a wide political spectrum based on my ability to approach issues in a reasonable and forward-thinking manner. As your County Commissioner, I would make decisions based on those same attributes. I have the historical perspective, proven leadership ability, and demonstrated financial literacy to help our community grow while still retaining focus on the reasons we have chosen to make Gilpin County our home. This is an exciting time in our county, and my passion to serve is strong and my commitment is proven.

Make the smart choice for the future of Gilpin County and vote Hartman for Gilpin County Commissioner!

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